A Night Out – Family Style

I rarely get a night out these days but last weekend I got to go to a family party. To start with I need to plan it with military precision I don’t want them wearing their finery til the last minute otherwise you know they’ll end up with chocolate fingerprints all over themselves.

So I get them dressed then once they’re sorted I shove a bit of makeup on sharpish whilst my daughter sticks her finger in my eyeshadow and I wrestle with her so she doesn’t smear in up the wall.

Once we’re all looking smart out comes the phone for the obligatory selfie…

There’s always one!

Bundle the darlings in the car and off we go. Where are we going? What are we doing? Why have you stopped? Are we nearly there yet? Pull up to the venue and walk the wrong way around to the doors so have to double back looking like a bunch of numpties.

Walk into the party and the kids literally sniff out the slushy machine that’s been laid on for the younger (and young at heart) attendees. After 3 of these bad boys the kids have a major sugar rush and are running up and down the dancefloor like a scene from Braveheart. Cue me running after my daughter when she lifts her dress over her head flashing her pants at all and sundry!

The disco dude pipes up offering the kids to play some party games. Collective sigh goes around the room as we think we’ll get 10 minutes peace. Ohhhhh no, not the case. ‘Run and get a parent to help you’ he screeches. My hand gets grabbed and I’m launched to the front to show myself up in front of the whole room. How bad can it be? Bloody Limbo dancing, that’s how bad! I’m pleased to say as the designated driver I didn’t make a royal tit of myself – for once. I actually won for the female parents. A balloon, that was swiftly nicked by the kids. Typical.

Musn’t forget the picture of my shoes because that’s a thing right? Everyone on Instagram does it!


On to the buffet, the kids stuff their faces and across the room you hear someone shouting ‘don’t touch what you’re not going to eat’ and know instinctively it’s your Mum. Son 2  has 3 bowls of tuna pasta and decides he’s tired and wants to go home. Takes 3 1/2 hours to say goodbye and have a little weep to yourself because your Auntie looks just like your Nan who passed a few years ago.

Have the customary row in the car on the way home because you’ve spent all night talking to ‘everyone but him’ because he’s a bit squiffy – how bloody annoying are people when they’re drunk and you’re not?

Get home, make a coffee sit down and relax and then get a phonecall from brother and son 1 who can’t get a taxi.Drive all the way back to pick them up. Crawl into bed and wake up in the morning feeling hungover despite not having touched a drop!

A Cornish Mum
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13 thoughts on “A Night Out – Family Style

  1. Love the shoes and the family selfie! Who thought a slushy machine was a good idea for kids?!! Love that you won the limbo competition, well done. Sounds like a hectic night but some good memories, it’s always nice to spend time with family! #KCACOLS

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  2. aww I’m exhausted for you! I hate that being sober when other’s aren’t and I really hate that tired hangover feeling when it’s not deserved – lovely photos though – loving the IG shoe one! #KCACOLS

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  3. Ha sounds like a fun but tiring night! I don’t remember the last time I had a proper excuse to get dressed up 😉 Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely it reopens tomorrow 🙂

    Stevie xx

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  4. Sounds like our typical family night out except with my mum looking at us saying either get the bar or don’t you think you’ve had enough! Depends on her moods lol #kcacols

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  5. haha what a night!!! I know what you mean about having a hectic night and waking up the next morning feeling hangover despite not drinking any alcohol!! I love that you won the limbo competition, so funny. It looks like you all had a lot of fun. Great memories. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is always great to have you. I hope you join us again on Sunday, 🙂 x

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