Cuckoo Bircher Muesli Review

If you’re a busy parent like me in the mornings who doesn’t always get to eat a proper breakfast or shovel something down on the run then you may be interested in trying Cuckoo Bircher Muesli pots from Cuckoo foods. I’ve been trying them out – I say ‘I’ as no one else got a look in,eek.

If you’re not yet too familiar, Bircher muesli is comprised of oats soaked with apple juice, stirred into a nourishing mix of yoghurt and fruit.  It is the brainchild of Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss doctor and nutritionist who developed the recipe in 1900 as a means of getting more raw fruit and grains into his patients’ diets.

Cuckoo have taken a modern twist on traditional Bircher muesli with their satisfying, on-the-go pots packed with protein and fibre.

A blend of chunky fruit, wholegrain British jumbo oats, creamy West Country yoghurt and super-food linseed, each spoonful of Cuckoo has plenty of flavours and texture to keep your interest piqued. From a range of five, there’s the Great Taste Award-winning Apple & Cinnamon Spice and Mango & Coconut, as well as the mighty Elderflower & Cranberry, Choco Sour Cherry and Apricot & Madagascan Vanilla.


Naughty to admit but I’ve never heard of them! Where have I been?! I was sent four flavours to try – Apple & Cinnamon Spice, Mango & Coconut, Elderflower & Cranberry and Apricot & Madagascan Vanilla. They all sounded yummy and when I first saw them I thought they seemed small, each pot is 190g, but on eating them it really is plenty as they fill you up very quickly.

The fruity flavours go really well with the oats which seems a bit like porridge but the linseed adds a welcome chewiness to it. I have a thing for anything with coconut in it, I love the stuff and I wasn’t disappointed. It was definitely my favourite of them all. The Apple and Cinnamon Spice sort of reminded me of licking the spoon after making a Christmas cake, it was really lovely!




The Elderflower & Cranberry and Apricot & Madagascan Vanilla were a little ‘tarter’ and whilst I really enjoyed them I liked the other two more.The Elderflower & Cranberry one is a fab purple colour!



There’s no preparation required, just open the pot, grab a spoon and away you go. Doesn’t get any easier than that. Saving time to hunt for lost shoes in the morning!

Some great things I liked about them were:

  • They’re sweetened with fruit sugars
  • They’re a source of fibre and protein
  • They’re made in Britain with locally sourced ingredients where possible
  • Quick and easy
  • Very tasty and filling
 The other great thing about these I thought was that they don’t necessarily have to be for breakfast, they would make a great snack for those moments when you fancy something but don’t know what to have.
 The only thing I was disappointed about is that they aren’t stocked at the supermarkets I tend to shop in so I would have to make a special trip to buy them. I would definitely be buying more if they do come into a shop near me. There’s a list of stockists here.

Julie x (2)

*I was sent the items free of charge for the purposes of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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