Lucas Frank Review

We have been trying out some gorgeous clothing from  Lucas Frank who, if you haven’t heard of them is a clothing company started by the parents of a little boy -Lucas Frank- in Yorkshire when they were inspired by their cute baby son. They wanted the clothes he wore to be smart, stylish and above all, boyishly British.

So when they  asked me if I’d like to review for them and after having a look at their site I say a definite ‘YES’ as their clothes really are lovely. I asked if I could have something green as since my little man discovered Luigi (from Mario) he’s been obsessed with the colour! They really did deliver, they sent me two items -:


They couldn’t have been better choices for him! We got the Bamburgh Polo Shirt and the Long Sleeved Tee. I have to say I love the fact that the Polo shirt is called ‘grass stain green’ how apt a name is that for a childs top 😀

Both tops are made from good quality materials – both cotton which is great against young skin which can get irritated. There are also some lovely little touches i.e the badges and a button tag at the bottom of each top.


The other cute thing is the tags, they bring a lovely sense of fun! They contain the message of what Lucas Frank is all about as well as a cheeky ‘Urgh, girls’ which my little boy found hilarious!



Size wise they were brilliant and hang lovely on my 7 year old who was sent size 7-8, they can be casual paired with some simple shorts or dressed up a bit with chino style trousers for a kids party or family day out.


I likes both tops as they were lovely on my boy however my favourite has to be the Bamborough Polo as it made him look so smart. I would love to have some more of these in different colours as I thought it really suited him. They really are ‘Boyish and British’

They also wash well which is obviously a must for kids clothes and they haven’t lost shape or colour and didn’t run at all in the cycle.

Julie x (2)

*we were sent the items for free for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own *

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