House of Fraser Father’s Day Wishlist

So Father’s Day is fast approaching and House of Fraser have some fantastic ideas for gifts for the special Dad’s in your life. Here are some of my favourites chosen from lots of options on their site.House-Of-Fraser-Fathers-Day-Wishlist

1. Diesel 3 pack Solid Underwear Trunks – well you’re going to get them underwear make them worth looking at hey 😉

2. Superdry Skandia T-shirt – to remind us of gorgeous summer beaches (when in reality we’ll probably end up in Porthcawl again) but I think it’s lovely.

3. Emma Bridgewater Mug – as much as he winds the kids up left, right and centre he is their hero. This mug is great as it’s half pint just right for the coffee he needs in the morning to get him shifted!

4. Ted Baker Contrast Colour Wallet he’s always carrying around a skanky one he’s got from somewhere so it would be lovely for him to have a really nice one for a change.

5. Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad Game – A bit of fun for us all as a family, in reality a tornado wouldn’t wake my fella.

6. Everything Tablet Premium Leather Case For IPad Mini 2 & 3 if the kids are going to nickit all the time at least he can have a nice case to protect it!

Do you fancy any of these? What would you like to get?

Julie x (2)

*This post is written in collaboration with House of Fraser*

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