Chatterbox Planet Magnets Review

Chatterbox Planet is the brainchild of Geraldene who created her magnets as a way of helping children express themselves through creating stories. We got the chance to try out the Starter Pack Combo  and see what we thought.

The magnets come in lovely bright packaging with the Chatterbox Planet logo stickers. There were a sheet of magnets, a little wipe clean magnetic board– perfect for little hands- and pen included.

The Starter Pack magnets as you can see were animals, people, toys, modes of travel and nature. They have bright colours and cute little pictures to make story telling fun for little ones. The magnetic board is light and easy to carry so would be great for taking with you on a day out in the car or even if you just want to keep them amused when you have an appointment to go to.

My kids tried them out and made up some really daft stories of course the word ‘poo’ came up – what is it with kids and that word?! So I had to steer the story back on the right track with the cake magnet because cake solves everything, right?!

There are lots of other ways to play with the magnets too which are explained in the leaflet that comes with them. Such as stacking the magnets face down and choosing one form the top and each person then continues the story, quite funny trying to make up a story on the hop! You can also sort the magnets into types i.e people, animals etc.

This is a really fun activity for children and really gets them thinking as they try to make up a story to go along with the chosen magnets. I like the fact that this can be used again and again and the board can also be used to help practice writing/spelling etc which is something we have been working on with our younger children – the teen can write his own name even though he moans about the effort in picking up a pen 😉

You can find Chatterbox Magnets on


*We were sent the Starter Pack free for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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