Getting A Teen Out Of Bed

Right now you may have little ones and be experiencing  5.30a.m morning wake ups and sit there wishing they ‘would just stay in bed and give you a lie in’. STOP. Karma will come around and kick you right up the bum when they turn into a teenager and you can’t get the sod out of bed for love nor money. Here are the stages of getting said teenager up that happen in our house. Insert Spongebob style ’10 minutes later’ between each one.

Stage 1

This is the stage where you’re still optimistic that today will be the day that they get up without the hassle. Pahahahahaha.You knock the door whilst steeling yourself for the stench, run in and shake them awake cheerily telling them if they get up now there’s plenty of time for shower, breakfast and a cuppa.


10 minutes later you realise there is no movement going on upstairs and stomp back up in the hope that your heavy footsteps will get them shifting. Does it heck. They’re still lying there bleary eyed saying “what?”. Keep calm, they’re bound to get up soon, they’ll be worried about being late. Right?!

Stage 3
Now you’re getting your hair off, they’re taking the mickey. So you go up and threaten them that if you have to come up again you’ll be bringing a bucket of water. They sigh and moan “for god’s sake” under their breath. Yes, because obviously I’m doing this for fun. It’s the highlight of my day don’t you know?! I really don’t have anything better to do like sticking hot pokers in my eyes, the usual.

Stage 4

Right they’re still not up. So you realise it’s time to make good on your threat to throw water. You spend a few minutes looking for the bucket you bought the kids at the beach in the summer and when you remember they’re probably at the back of the shed with the false widows and tube webs you decide ‘sod that for a laugh’ and just grab the mop bucket, chuck the mouldy smelling mop across the kitchen in annoyance and fill it up. Drag the heavy sodding thing up the stairs only to find right at the last second the teen will magically launch themselves out of bed and shout “I was up, stop stressing” You fight the urge to drench the cheeky git anyway, grit your teeth muttering about ‘lazy bloody kids’ lug the bucket back downstairs and get ready to start fighting ‘get dressed and ready wars’ where they’ll race down the stairs – steady on- to shout about the favourite t-shirt/skinny jeans/trainers they can’t find and you’ve obviously moved. Believe me mate I wouldn’t touch your stinky clodhoppers if my life depended on it!

So honestly, if you are reading this bleary eyed at the crack of a sparrow’s fart then just remember it’ll come full circle in a few years time.

Are your teens like this too? Are you one of the lucky ones who’s teens get up without a fuss?


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13 thoughts on “Getting A Teen Out Of Bed

  1. By 16 my teen was so miserable when he was up that I decided it was easier to leave him in bed at weekends and school holidays! #KCACOLS

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  2. My eldest is 10 and already edging towards the teenage state during the week, or retiring back under the duvet when he doesn’t want to get dressed. The weekends though, when I could do with an extra hour, the pair of them are up at the crack of dawn. Typical! #KCACOLS

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  3. Oh god I am sorry I laughed all the way through this…I can imagine it is so frustrating. My five year old is up at 5…but only on the weekends, evil genius he is on school days you literally have to drag him b the ankles and get him dress as he pretends to be asleep. So I can for see I am going to have a nightmare when he is a teen. Not looking forwards to the smelly. Crack of a sparrows…maybe if you drench his you can throw some shower gel in the bucket and kill to birds with one stone? Thank you for sharing and linking up to #KCACOLS I hope you will join us next Sunday x

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  4. Haha, I was joking about this the other day! I’m still in the early-start stage with my 5 year old and 2 year old, but I’m pretty sure it’ll shift when they’re teenagers and I’ll be like you, dragging them out of bed! x #KCACOLS

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