Bratz Instapets Cloe Review

Bratz Instapets  made by MGA Entertainment, Inc. are a cute little doll/Kawaii spirit animal combo, we got to review Cloe who comes with her perfect pig bobble head.


She is clad in sweet pink clothing with a piggy face on her t-shirt, naturally and has lots of accessories as well as the trademark ‘Bratz lips’.


  1. Heart shaped sunglasses
  2. Piggie Bobble head
  3. Bratz lips shaped hairbrush
  4. Pig ear headband
  5. Mobile phone
  6. Pig mobile phone cover
  7. Pig earrings

Obviously all the accessories are piggie themed to go with the pig being Cloe’s spirit animal.  The mobile phone fits inside the cover and will sit in her hand if you place it at the right angle. The Bobble head has a little stand and my daughter found this very amusing to wobble around.The earrings come with posts like real earrings and can be pushed into holes that are present in the dolls ear’s. I had to do this carefully as I felt I might bend it too much and snap it so might be something you want to do yourself if your child is particularly heavy handed. The sunglasses and headband fit the doll.


She also has oversized boots that all the dolls wear in a fab turquoise colour. This girl is all about style! She is poseable and bends at the elbows, wrists, hips and knees and her head can be turned.

The Instapets collection is all about showing off your adorable pet by snapping cute pics and posting it on Instagram, or dressing head to toe in an outfit inspired by your kawaii cute spirit animal.

Our spirit animals are super adorbs. We’re totally obsessed! Our pet-inspired #OOTD’s are going to make a fierce squad selfie!

Says the blurb on the back of the box. Along with a picture of all the other dolls in the series.


You can also download the Bratz App as shown on the box from the Apple Store or Google Play and follow Bratz on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


As you can see she’s been a big hit with my daughter who had added her to her ever growing prized collection of dolls!


*We received the doll free of charge for the purposes of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own*

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