Surviving Christmas

In the run up to Christmas everything seems to go mad, the kids are bouncing off the walls in excitement and you never seem to have enough time to get things done so if you’re anything like me you can end up feeling a bit stressed!

We were sent a beautiful Christmas Survival Kit by Room to Grow – a British Children’s bedroom furniture and accessories retailer – to help things just run a little smoother! There’s a link for a chance to win one for yourself below too!






Dance in your pants

Well not really it’s far too cold but for getting into the spirit of Christmas what better than a Christmas CD? Mix that with Michael Buble and you’ve got the perfect recipe for writing those to do lists or doing the ‘big Christmas clean up’ everyone sings into their feather duster, don’t they?!

Keep ’em occupied

For me a lot of the run up to Christmas is keeping the kids occupied and giving them things to do to keep them busy. In the box were letters we could send to ‘Santa Christmas’ (my daughter keeps getting herself muddled up and it’s stuck!) which the kids couldn’t wait to write. Let’s hope they’ve been good enough for the man himself to turn up on Christmas Eve!

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a lovely family movie to watch and they can be an absolute lifesaver when the kids are getting over excited and you want a way of just taking them down a notch. We love to get the duvets down to the settee, get more popcorn than is strictly necessary, close the curtains, chill out and watch. So the ‘Elf Buddy’s Musical Christmas’ DVD in the box was perfect for this. We even got a lovely little Itty Bitty reindeer to cuddle while we watched.

We played a game of ‘hide the chocolate coin’ kept them busy for a while, well until someone sneakily ate one or two of course!! Could try it with Quality Street instead although I think you’d be stuffed by the end! Hey, it’s Christmas. Why not.

The kit also contained some really fun photo props for getting those fun Instagram photos which the kids had great fun putting together and then posing for their photos! HAven’t tried using anything like this before but I thought it was great fun.


Annnnnd relax

When the kids have (finally) gone to bed it’s great to try and find some ‘me time’ to relax, I try to have a soak in the bath just to take the weight off from all the stresses and strains after a long day of manic Christmas shopping so was very pleased to see a very festive gingerbread man soap included which smelled gorgeous! There were even a couple of mulled fruit infusion teabags for that relaxing cuppa. Prosecco or gin may be more your thing?!

And if all else fails? At least you’ve still got your marbles (there’s a bag of those included – just in case.)

Room To Grow are giving you a chance to win a Christmas Survival Kit of your own! Just pop over to their blog here and enter the really easy giveaway!

How do you survive Christmas? Do you have a plan or just wing it like me?


*We were sent the box free for the purposes of this post however all opinions are honest and my own*

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