Turning A Blind Eye

One of my favourite bloggers namely Alan at OMG It’s A Girl wrote this post about Domestic Violence and how people can sometimes not intervene in arguments if they walked past them in the street for fear of what might happen if they do. Today I’m writing something in a similar vein but this time it’s involving children.

If you saw a child being ‘picked on’ would you do something about it? Or would you turn a blind eye? Today I witnessed a group of children, around 9 or 10 at a guess on the school playground who were having what I thought was a disagreement. I dropped my own child to his class and on walking back past them to take my other child I realised this wasn’t just a disagreement, it was more than that. It was a child threatening another child, taking his bag and not letting him have it back and when I intervened throwing it in a muddy puddle.

But what really surprised me in all of this was the amount of people who just walked past. These are parents, I’d like to think that if something like this was happening to my own children that someone would step in and stop it. I’m not saying they were wrong for walking on but I felt I had to stop and say something. I have no idea whether this was just a one off after a tiff perhaps  a lost game of football, or something that’s been going on for longer. I’m not saying it was bullying at all as this was just one incident I was witness to. But if I hadn’t done something there and then I know that I would have tormented myself wondering what had happened after I’d left.

Recently, far too close to home there has been a case of a young teen taking her own life after being bullied. How do things get so very bad that a girl just starting out in life with everything to look forward to gets to the stage where she feels the only way out is suicide? As a parent you want to protect your child from the bad things in life and bullying is unfortunately something that has happened for a long time. The rise of social media doesn’t help as you only have to scroll through a teenagers feed to know that there’s a very fine line between so called ‘banter’ and something far more sinister. One child may shrug it off but another may be far more sensitive, when I think of myself as a teen I was an overthinker, a worrier. I had braces, a bit of name calling was the worst I ever had. Should you feel lucky though for not having been bullied though? Of course not. It should be the norm. Unfortunately though there are far too many people who have been bullied and not just in the playground. We all need to do more to stop it, where we can.

There are people you can turn to if you do feel you are being bullied or know someone who is and you want to help them. If you are being bullied there are people who will be willing to listen, to help. Please don’t try to cope alone. These are just a few of the places that can help.

Have you ever come across a situation you thought maybe needed someone to intervene? Have you walked past and wished you hadn’t? Have you been a victim of bullying and wished somebody had?



4 thoughts on “Turning A Blind Eye

  1. Bullying is just the worst. I think if it was kids I would certainly intervene but if it was adults I would feel too nervous. I suppose it depends on the severity…
    Well done you for stepping in and the case of the girl taking her own life really saddened me. People can be so cruel.xxx
    Scary world we live in.x

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  2. I think we’ve seen too many videos online that have us second guessing interfering. We’ve all seen videos of a parent or 3rd party getting involved in a disagreement that turned ugly and the 3rd party getting abused. I think those cases are rare and just because you’ve seen a video or read an article on some popular political site that a 3rd party got beat up for sticking his nose into somebody else’s business doesn’t mean that’s the norm. Help wherever you can help.

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