Sylvanian Families Brick Oven Bakery Review

Sylvanian Families have been around since 1985 (now I feel old) and I remember playing with them at friends houses all those years ago, it was one of those toys I always had on my Christmas list but wasn’t fortunate enough to get, my fault entirely though it was usually on a list with a million other things!! My daughter however has several of them including a school bus. They’re still as cute as ever and we were sent a Brick Oven Bakery to play with.




Inside the box



The set includes:

  • The bakery building itself which has a cabinet for dairy products, table, trolley and a pull down shelf oven.
  • Various bakery items including breads and pastries.
  • Baskets and trays for displaying the bakery products.
  • Tongs.
  • Card boxes of bread, milk and cheese.
  • A till.
  • Tiny paper bags.
  • Stickers.

Some of the bakery items are really cute and feature the faces of Sylvanian Families characters. Others include a whale, fish and turtle. Just under the lid on the inner flaps of the box are instructions on putting the little boxes together and where to put the stickers.


There is also 1 figure – Mrs Hedgehog – included. Mrs Hedgehog really is sweet with her green gingham dress and matching headscarf. She also has fluffy ‘spikes’ and moveable arms and legs.

Our Thoughts

There are small parts present so the set is suitable for children aged 3+ it was just right for my 4 year old girl, she found it easy to place the stickers where they needed to be and we worked together to pull the parts from their plastic fixings. Something I really like with this set was that their was hardly any rubbish to dispose of, just a few plastic bits and the cardboard box it comes in – which we kept to store the Bakery in.

The set can be added to which makes a larger playset. Add ons that can be connected are  Cosy Cottage Starter Home, Toy Shop, Seaside Icecream Shop and more which is great for Birthdays/Christmas if family members wanted to get sets that can be played with together.

The set is well made and not flimsy, the bakery items are small but solid. There isn’t much putting together of the main body at all  – just placing the furniture inside.

There’s plenty of room for your little one to add other characters inside, not just the one it comes with – lets be honest poor old Mrs Hedgehog would get pretty bored having no- one to sell to. Although she could just eat all the goodies herself. Win.


Shown here with some extra characters added to show how much room there is. How cute is the baby by the way? Awwww.

As you can plainly see by my daughters face above she loved this set and has enjoyed playing with it, even asking for the rest of the Hedgehog characters to go with it!


*We were gifted the set for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own*

One thought on “Sylvanian Families Brick Oven Bakery Review

  1. Ahh! Sylvanian Families was always on my Christmas list when I was a kid but I never got them either….I think my youngest would love this set. It is very cute x


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