Little Brian Paint Sticks

It’s a question that strikes fear into many a parents heart. “Can I do some painting?” Visions of paint on floors, walls and lots of other places it shouldn’t be come to mind. Well fear no more Little Brian Paint Sticks are solid paints in a stick that you can twist up and down, just like you would with a glue stick! This means none of the mess involved with having water pots and soggy paper.


We got the chance to try out a pack of 12 colours and as Little Lady had chicken pox she was bored senseless so it seemed the perfect time to break them out. We went outdoors as it was a lovely day and I think in the back of my mind I was thinking ‘paint, argh best go outside’ but we didn’t need to as there really is no mess.

The sticks are the perfect size for small hands and are easy to twist and paint with. I was surprised at how quickly they dried too, none of that hanging it up somewhere while you wait nonsense. They are easy to get out and put away with no fuss. I also like that these could be taken out with you as they can be taken in the pack without making a mess everywhere.


Something else you can do with them is draw on windows! Something you’d never dream of doing with normal paints. The paint just wipes off, my daughter was amazed that I let her draw on the glass of the patio door with them!

Overall we really liked these and they have been used regularly as I like the fact that even if they got paint on their hands it wipes off easily and there’s no clear up involved, just putting them back in the box. If your kids love painting I’d definitely recommend giving these a go!

Little Brian paint sticks are available from Asda and Amazon and come in packs of 6 (RRP £4.99) or 12 (RRP £7.99) and there are even metallic and day glo versions available as if they weren’t fab enough already!!


*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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