Back To School Labels With Petit Fernand

One thing that can be a huge headache for Back to School is labelling every individual item to ensure that errant ones are returned to their owner. The office at our school has a huge box of sad looking lost property, unclaimed & unloved even though they probably cost the parents a small fortune when new. This is where Petit Fernand comes in. We were offered the chance to try out some of their clothing/item labels to see what we thought.

Ordering was particularly easy, choose which type of labels you need, customise with colours and a little picture, as you will see my children chose game controller/dinosaur (Little Man) and cupcake/lolly (Little Lady). They are made in France and dispatched within 48 hours with free delivery.



The labels come in a hand ‘cheque-book’ style which is great as it means they are all together and easily storable if you don’t use them all at once.


Each page has it’s own heading at the end so you know which labels are which. We had:



I used the Stick-On Item Labels for their lunchboxes (you’d never guess their favourite colours are green and pink would you?) They could also be used for bags, pencil cases, bottles etc. They are dishwasher/microwave safe and should be allowed 24 hours before use.


The Stick-On Clothing labels need to be applied directly to the label on the item rather than direct to the fabric as it would not stay put otherwise and you need to allow 24 hours before wearing or washing after applying. Iron-on labels are also available.


The Stick-On Shoe labels come in 2 parts, the sticker with the name on and then a transparent protective layer that goes on top. These are perfect for P.E day as I have heard of kids going home with the wrong shoes in the wrong size (bless). These stickers mean there’s no confusion. Again they should be allowed 24 hours before wear.


Inside the back/front cover of the book are instructions on how to apply the labels and some care tips just to make things extra easy. There is also an extra page of fun stickers for the little ones to play with. We shall say no more about me opening the door to a visitor with a coconut stuck to my chest.

Overall I loved these labels, they make life so much easier. As I chose the non-iron ones I literally just had to sit there and stick a few stickers on the items I wanted labelled. It took a matter of minutes once I’d gathered all the items together.


*we were gifted the labels for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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