The Importance Of An Online Community

If someone had told me nearly 3 years ago that I’d have some amazing friends, I’d never have met them but they would come to be my support network I’d have laughed my fat arse off. You wouldn’t believe it though would you? How could people who live inside your phone be a source of laughter, comfort and people that you can rely on to tell you how it is? Well that’s exactly what did happen. I’m not even sure how it came about but it did.

They are people just like me, who blog, vlog make Youtube videos or just chat on Twitter for fun, to make a living or just because they love writing, or just to talk rubbish with like minded people. For laughter, tears, mayhem and more. The other day I was asked why I started blogging and I couldn’t really give a definitive answer. I know that I may come across as confident across social media and maybe even my blog but I’m really not. I’m blundering along through life eating far too much cake than strictly necessary and making it up as I go. Just like most other people.

These guys though, they get me. They get my sense of humour, maybe even share it. A meme can pop up and straightaway I can think of the perfect person or persons it would relate to. On ‘real life’ Facebook I’m mostly ignored, people scroll on by without a care but in the blogging world there are those certain people who have your back know that it takes blood sweat and tears to build your Facebook page only to find your most recent blog post has a reach of 3. They’ll like and share away as do you for them.

I remember seeing someone talking about a ‘blogging tribe’ and thinking what a load of pretentious bollocks that is. But I fell into one and I’m very happily cwtched in the middle of it even though I still hate that name.

Tracey Hooks & Dragons my absolute fave who makes me laugh every single day, picks me up when I’m feeling down, gives me advice when I need it and is always there for me. She’s a wise one our Tracey and I tell you what, her crochet skills are amazing.

Stevie A Cornish Mum was there for me back when I was a terrified newborn blogger and was the one that made me see that big follower numbers didn’t equal unapproachable. She remains one of the most approachable bloggers I know.

Alan OMG It’s a Girl (guaranteed to be risque, totally bonkers and with the cutest daughter you ever did see) who I’m delighted to see has really started to take the blogging game seriously and is going from strength to strength.

Someone who makes me roar with laughter and shares a like of so many things is For The Life Of Me apart from the banana saga. Don’t get me bloody started on that though! One of the saddest stories I’ve ever read is the story of her losing her husband to suicide.

Lisa Little Orange Dog who is one of the strongest women I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. She’s been through terrible times and emerged the other side to rebuild and she’s doing a sterling job for herself and her girls. She’s sensible and brings everyone in line when it’s all going a bit Pete Tong and we love her for it.

Sarah Muddly Mum who blogs about her struggles with  her mental health problems, if you’re not a judgy arse and can see past the non conventional profile pics and get to know her you’ll see that she’s actually the loveliest person who is honest and has a whole host of knowledge.

Andy Dad in the Raw if you’re looking for straight down the line, tell it like it is parenting, he’s your man. Takes no shit and is absolutely bananas with the most crazy hair known to man.

Sami Pak Therapy is also a mental health blogger and all round cool geek who knows all about sleep deprivation.

Bryony Perfectly Imperfect Mama a single Mum never to be found without a kid hanging off her leg and blogging about anything you can think of she’s the bad influence of the group, honest ;-).

Phil PhilRefuelled who has a quote for every occasion, he pulls it out the bag every time and also takes the most amazing photos of plants and nature.

Joy The Sensory Seeker blogging about Sensory Processing Disorder and lots more another of the more sensible members of our community. If any of us can really be called sensible of course!

They’re not bloggers but deserve recognition anyway, Chris Sussex Stomach – like your Dad but if your Dad was a cheeky bugger who sometimes says naughty stuff and Ben NutNutLivesOn who is a Casualty buff.

A special mention for some ladies I’ve had the privilege to meet in real life and didn’t axe murder me in the carpark are Kate KateLili, Jo First Time Valley Mam and Sally Teddy Bears and Cardigans.

If you happen to be reading this because you just started blogging and you feel like nobody takes any notice of you, you just don’t where to start or you’ve tried to chat to people and not got very far, any of these guys will be happy to talk, help or in Tracey’s case make you the best damn softie you’ll ever purchase!

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22 thoughts on “The Importance Of An Online Community

  1. Yep! I have a couple of blogging friends who I’ve never met in person but I know they are there for me…
    Aha! Mr Kitney is a legend & everyone else you have mentioned is lovely too…..For months I thought OMG It’s a Girl was a woman. Oops. There is a lot of good people when it comes to blogging x

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Aww thanks my dear! Always a pleasure being your friend. I’m sure my sweaty pits means I’m a little bit manly lol
    I will say now that I am not, will not and havent in the past been responisible for Alan 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  3. So nice that you’ve been able to find a group of blogging besties! It’s such a great source of support #KCACOLS

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a lovely way to mention so many great bloggers. I have met some but not all from your list and have yet to meet any one I don’t like after 6 years of blogging. Popping by from #KCACOLS


  5. It’s lovely that you’ve met so many people through blogging. I’ve also met a lot of lovely people online – although even after all these years I’m still a bit hopeless with social media and struggle to keep up with people! (I’m ever hopeful that one day I’ll crack it!) #KCACOLS

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  6. As a fairly new blogger, I have met some of the nicest, most genuine people who are helpful, kind, empathic, and call you on your sh*t! It is like one giant, open support group! M’wah to you all! #mondaystumble xo


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