Zomlings Series 6 Review

When the kids found out we were testing out some Zomlings they were way more than excited, like most kids they are great fans of collectibles and these fun little squishy Zombie like figures were a huge hit.

We tried out lots of different Series 6 Zomlings In the Future from Magicbox.

Individual blind bags 50p & £1.50


Small blind bags come with 1 Zomling and larger blind bags come with 1 Zomling and 1 Zom-Mobile. With over 100 Zomlings to collect there are lots of different ones to find! These are brilliant fun, the kids trying their best to guess which ones they have by squishing the bags, just like I did on Xmas morning with my presents! Each pack also contains a checklist so you can tick off all the ones you’ve found.

Zom-Mobiles Blister Pack £7



Comes with 4 Zomlings (2 hidden) and 4 Zom-Mobiles. The kids were particularly excited by this pack as they spotted an amazing silver Ultra Rare silver Robotorg Zomling.


Zomling Starter Pack RRP £4




Contains a guide map, 1 Zom-Mobile, 1 exclusive Metal Capsule and 3 Zomlings. The guide map tells you the names of all your Zomlings so you can see which ones you need to find as well as the different types of Zom-Mobiles. There’s also a write up with a bit more information about the types of Zomling/Zom-Mobiles. We got a brilliant metallic pink capsule with ours, there are 3 different ones to collect, exclusive to the Starter Pack.

The different types of Zomlings are:

  • Acid Aliens
  • Zany Zoms
  • Zippy Zomtroniks
  • Cranky Critters
  • Manic Mutants
  • Ultra Rare
  • Limitd Edition

The different types of Zom-mobiles are:

  • Skyship
  • Rocket Car
  • Airskate
  • Ultraquad

Zomlings Pirates Blister Pack £12



With 3 exclusive pirate themed Zomlings, treasure chest, treasure map, gold coins, pirate ship, cannon, sword and crown. The kids thought it was great to hide the coins and have the Zomlings find them with the treasure map.

Zomlings Race Blister Pack £12


With 3 Racing themed Zomlings, 3  Zom-Mobiles a winners podium, finish line and trophy. Pop the Zomlings in their chosen cars and award the winner with the coveted gold cup!


What the little ones thought

Brightly coloured, squishy and lots of fun. They went down a storm with the little people of the house. Races, treasure hunts and swapping doublers, what more could you ask for? We didn’t get an Ultra Rare Gold Zom-Mobile or Zomling but, thankfully we did get 2 silver ones which avoided the fights over them! They loved opening the blind bags and getting surprises. They enjoyed sorting them into colours, playing ‘hide the Zomling’ and much, much more.

We have since bought a few more packs which we found at our local Asda at 50p a pack, I think this is really cheap compared to a lot of other collectibles and just as cheap as buying sweets etc. When asked what she’d like for getting all her spellings right she said Zomlings and at that price you can’t complain!


Due to the small parts they are not suitable for children under 3 but were perfect for my 5 and 8 year olds.

I *cough* I mean we decided that this little guy was our favourite because he looks just like Daddy 😀 :



*We were sent the products for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own.

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