Making Planning Easier – A Stationery Wishlist

Now that I’ve started working full time I’m finding that I need to plan everything really well from school uniforms to homework and everything in between. Without writing things down I find it all goes out of my head completely. I could keep things in my phone but I’m quite old fashioned with that and like to have a physical copy of things I need to get done.

I’m also a fan of nice stationery and anything that makes it easier to keep track of what you’re doing whether that be at home or at work. It’s great to find things that not only look nice but are functional at the same time. Here’s a little wishlist of stationery items  that could make things a little simpler.Stationery Wishlist

1. Mum’s Luxury Diary from Recipe Diary £10.99
With a pretty teal and gold cover, page keeping ribbons, elastic closure, lie-flat binding for easy writing and lots of stickers for pin pointing special occasions and important things to remember. It also features a notes pocket, room to write the days plans and lots of recipe ideas throughout. A Birthday & anniversary gift record and a Christmas gift record and even space for your contacts. It’s all here in this Diary for busy parents.

2. Worther Shorty Pencil Red from Pen Heaven £7.00

This cute hexagonal shaped pencil with soft 3mm 7B lead can be used on wood, metal, paper and plastic. It comes with two spare leads and is made from plastic. Easy to use and change the lead just hold the button to release lead tilt it and then release button to secure the lead in place. Ideal for scribbling in your diary or sticky notes. They also come in pen versions in a whole host of different colours.

3. Leuchtturm1917 Medium Metallic 2018 Diary from Pen Heaven £18.50

This gorgeous silver coloured diary/weekly planner/notebook has week-to-page and adjacent note page format so there’s lots of room to write everything you need. Large enough to contain all you need but small enough to carry in your handbag. Features also include an expandable internal pocket and colour-matched elastic closure, removable address book insert and self-adhesive archiving stickers and acid-free, ink-proof paper which has been specially designed to withstand ink bleeding and ensure that your pages stay neat and tidy whichever pen you use for your scribbles. The lovely thing about this is you can also have it embossed with a name (extra cost) which makes it a great idea for Christmas. Also available in Gold.

4. Meow Woof Sticky Memo from Smiggle £5

If you need to use sticky notes why not make them fun and quirky? These come in 2 different designs – cat and dog – each with 200 bright yellow/orange sticky notes inside! Perfect for reminding yourself of all the little jobs you need to do leave someone else a note or even jotting down the bits of shopping you need to pick up.

5. Wilko Enterprising Britain Desk Planner Pad £2

Perfect for popping on your desk, this planner has space for listing things you need to do, most important items, what you’ll have for lunch (maybe if I plan I wont stuff myself with cake?!) things that went well and things that could have gone better. All in a rip off pad ready for the day ahead. Matching stationery items also available.

What stationery items do you love that help you plan and keep everything running smoothly?


*Some of the items shown were gifted however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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