Anyone Seen My Confidence?

I love my children and I love being a Mum. Like most parents I often doubt how good I am at it though. My confidence seems to have buggered off on holiday and is currently getting smashed in a bar in Ibiza, dancing to the Macarena & fending off pissed up admirers who’ve had a little too much Dutch courage.  Do I do enough? Am I bringing them up the right way? Am I ballsing it up? Do they eat enough fruit, get enough sleep?It’s easy to doubt yourself though, probably far easier than it is to convince yourself that actually you’re doing your best and that your best IS good enough. When I had children I think my confidence took a knock as also spoken about by the lovely Lianne at Anklebiters Adventures, whilst I’ve never been much of a gobby cow I’m sure I was never quite as reserved as a kid/teen and would speak up if I needed to.

Sometimes you find yourself watching ‘that parent’ the one who just seems to constantly have their shit together and wish you could be just like them. They just have that air of togetherness about them and you just can’t imagine them flapping about forgetting to rub their concealer in or leaving shaving foam all over their chin. Have they though? Are they showing a calm and collected exterior when in reality they’ve spent the morning scraping shit off the bathroom floor or wondering how the feck they’re meant to remove the Sharpie drawn poo emoji from the hallway wall.

There’s a work colleague that I’ve known for a good few years that I’d love to be more like. Absolute opposite of me, he oozes confidence and lives his life not giving two f**ks what anyone thinks of him, not in a ‘he’s a bit of an arrogant twat’ kind of way, just the take no shit kind of way. For the purpose of this post we’ll call him Dave, I would like to be like him.

But I’m not.

I’m actually an anxious and quite shy person. People who know me well would probably read this and think “huh?” forgetting that when they first met me I would have been the one sat in the corner, not saying a word. I hate being the centre of attention, having all eyes on me – one of the reasons I’d never want a big wedding. I hate being picked for role play scenarios during training at work, when my name is called I want to get up and run. Of course I can’t and don’t, mainly because my arse would wobble about way too much and draw even more attention to me but enough about that.

Some time ago I read a post by Amy Treasure about faking confidence and have kept it in mind ever since. In the post she talks about thinking of someone that you think of as really confident and do what you think they would. So I think of Dave and what he would do. I use it to stop myself from legging it away from something that makes me nervous.

I have started to force myself to be more confident even though I don’t really feel it. I find it quite easy to jump in and make myself heard when it’s anything to do with my children however if someone is upsetting me personally I tend to bite my tongue and fume inside. With age I’m finding I’m quicker to say my peace but I still go over things in my mind and wish I’d said this or that. I hope that in the years to come I’ll begin to feel more at ease with myself and find my long lost confidence.

Do you feel more or less confident after having children? Do you think you’re exactly the same as before or do you have ways of faking it til you make it too?

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10 thoughts on “Anyone Seen My Confidence?

  1. For some reason the only area I really have confidence in what I’m doing is being a parent.
    Anything else and I am full of self doubt and overly self critical.

    I think we’d all like to be like Dave 😀

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  2. I would love to be like Dave! I’d like to even be like my other half when it comes to saying whether he’s not happy or if something has bothered him. I’m such a bloody people pleaser it’s unreal.
    I struggle but I am more confident as I’ve got older as a teen and child I wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Now I just pick some battles which is mostly all of them avoided haha

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  3. Sometimes it’s good to have a person in mind who is confident and allow that to rub off on you. I used to be really bad with my self-doubt as a parent when my kids were younger. And I do still have my moments but I have grown so much and learned so much that my confidence is something that I’m proud of. I may not be as put together as other parents but I’m not living their life and they’re not living mine. I accept that and I know that my kids are happy, healthy and safe. That’s what really matters in the end:) #MondayStumble

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  4. I’m soon to get a seventh grandchild and I still worry that my best isn’t good enough, that my children don’t really like me, that I’m interfering too much, that i’m not helping enough. I’ve spent too many years regularly wishing i was ‘that person’ instead. But you know what? My children survived me and my less than perfect parenting. They didn’t just survive; they turned out pretty good.
    Now pick up that confidence and run with it. You’re doing a fab job.

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