Baby Secrets – A New Collectible

Baby Secrets are a fun new collectible, it’s no secret however that we love a collectible in this house so Little Lady was more than happy to get these little guys opened!

The secret is in the baby’s nappy- not a stinky kind of secret you’ll be relieved to know but the nappy, when dipped in water changes colour to reveal their gender! How cool?

Baby Secrets S1 Surprise Single Pack RRP £2.99

These single, reasonably priced packs come with one baby, one bath tub, a birth certificate and collectors guide. The bath can be filled with a water ready (although for some reason my daughter really wanted to dip them in a big bowl of water) for you to dip your baby to find out whether you have a baby boy or girl. As always you can check off which ones you’ve collected and see if you have a rare or limited edition with the handy checklist and then use the nappy shaped birth certificate to  record which one you got. We only went and got a limited edition furry called Koala! So called because he had a very cute furry Koala hat and an Ultra Rare Kitchen Baby.



Baby Secrets S1 Highchair Pack RRP £12.99

The Highchair pack contains 2 exclusive babies, a surprise baby in a bath plus a Highchair.


Baby Secrets S1 Rocking Horse Pack RRP £12.99

The Rocking Horse pack contains 2 exclusive babies and a surprise baby in a bath plus a Rocking Horse.

We thought these were great fun because not only do you get a surprise when opening the blind packs to see your baby you get the added excitement of seeing if it’s a boy or girl. Also the nappies change back to white once dried so they can be played with time and time again. From painter baby complete with a paintbrush, to party baby with a sash and a party hat, they each come ready to share their own secrets. Discover the cutest and cheekiest babies in town – who will be your favourite?

Available from Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer and Toymaster suitable age 3+.


julie-x-2 (1)

*We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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