Busy Things Online Educational Games & Activities

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Busy Things is a great award winning online educational games and activities site that supports children’s learning from Early Years to Primary School aged children – making it suitable for children from ages 3-11. There are options for schools, nurseries and families. As my younger children are 5 & 8 they are the perfect ages to try out the Busy Things family subscription. The first thing you need to do is sign up and watch the 3 minute introduction video.


Adding the children’s profiles is easy and they all have seperate ones so that when you log in you (and they) know which is theirs. Each child is added by name and birth date (to make sure the level of learning is correct for them) and they also get to choose their own avatar and background from the many brightly coloured options. Up to 5 children profiles can be added.

Once each child is added they are shown on the dashboard for easy access and the children can easily click onto the correct account for them. This page also allows you to change settings and shows you how long your subscription still has left.

Once your child clicks on their name they are taken to a whole array of different subject choices including English, Maths, Science, Geography and Physical Education. Supporting all the subjects your child would be covering in school. There are hundreds of activities to choose from, just click on the subject heading and it brings up lots of different activities within that group.

The games are designed to be educational but fun with brightly coloured characters, fun activities and silly sounds. This shot is from the English game for my 5 year old called Buried Treasure. The aim of it is to read the words shown and decide if they are real words or nonsense words, once the child has decided they click either the monster or the dog to decide.

Busy Things can help support your childs learning on spellings, phonics, money, what things are made of even basic French. All the activities are linked to the curriculum making it ideal for those that Home Educate. The settings for each activity can be changed so you can completely tailor it to your child. There are drawing activities that your child can save and/or print off and they can save their favourites to quickly find again.

Overall we really liked Busy Things, I found it easy to get them to ‘play’ on it rather than actual computer games and didn’t feel so bad about the screen time as I knew this was educational rather than wasted time. I needed to change a few of the settings for my daughter as she found the maths slightly tougher but has been working really hard at it.

You can give Busy Things a try with a free trial for 7 days to see if you/your children like it then go on and purchase a subscription if you do. The subscription service is either £4.49 a month or £34.99 for a year so it’s great value to go for the years worth.


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