The Brill Restaurant- A Review

I was invited to partake in a bite to eat at the newly opened ‘Brill Restaurant’ set in a quiet little village called Nana’s Dining Room. Owned by young entrepreneurs ‘The Picking Up Toys Kids’ I was delighted with the warm welcome and green surroundings accompanied with the distant “BAA” of the local wildlife.


Pictured here are Little Man – waiter and occasional bouncer on a raucous Friday night, I’ve been reliably informed his muscles are all real and gained from hours of intense training on the Xbox controller and Little Miss – top Gordon Blue chef who’s earned her status working hard at the University of Imagination and taking inspiration from classically brilliant chefs such as Spongebob Squarepants – she cooks up quite a storm!


I was seated at a large bright green table clothed table complete with quirky mini condiments and given a colourful activity sheet to pass the time. The Christmas theme was slightly outdated but hey we’ve only just stopped having snow and I do love a gingerbread man.


I was handed a minimalistic menu which I was surprised to find covered a lot of my favourite meals from fish to pasties there’s something for everyone. When I asked I was told all the ingredients were locally sourced (from Asda). I plumped for the Mac ‘n’ Cheese with a hot chocolate and asked if I could have a quick nosey round their kitchen.


The kitchen is small, clean and well stocked although I was slightly concerned about the presence of a small dog near the sink but I was assured he had had his fortnightly bath the previous evening and they’d finally managed to stop him dragging his bum across the carpet. They did however show me their 5* hygiene certificate, handily printed from ‘’ in time for my visit.


The meal came surprisingly quickly I’d barely had time to see which mouse had found the cheese! Talking of cheese, my mac’n’cheese was yummy. Presented on pretty in pink plates with matching cup containing my amazing hot chocolate adorned with fabulous mini marshmallows, so mini in fact, you could barely see them!  Just right portions meant there was plenty of room left for desert which, let’s be honest, is the best bit.


I just couldn’t decide on which desert to have so I was told I could try a bit of my 2 favourites, after much deliberation I decided to plump for both chocolate and carrot cake with a jug of pouring cream. Both cakes were lighter than air and melt in the mouth.

The Brill Restaurant exceeded all expectations, the bright and sunny atmosphere, the staff as they were so proud of their food and the youthful, colourful atmosphere.

Nothing was too much trouble and so happy were they to make sure I had a good time they watched intently as I sampled every mouthful, so nice to know they were just there at my elbow should I need anything else.

The prices are very reasonable starting at 12p for a pizza and a great value for money £1.00 roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Book now to avoid disappointment as they do get very full particularly on Sundays where every patron gets a free glitter tattoo.

julie-x-2 (1)


*I was given a free meal in return for this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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