The School Disco With A 90’s Lyrics Quiz

The good old school disco, who didn’t love it? None of your prom nonsense in gorgeous dresses and coiffed hair, in the 90’s when I was a teen we wore Hypercolour t-shirts, shell suits, ruffle front white chiffon blouses or maybe if you had “one of those Mum’s” a neon pink Bridesmaids dress you wore to Aunty Sarah’s wedding in the late 80’s. If your hair hadn’t been crimped or scrunch dried rock solid you just didn’t cut it. Go big or go home. The boys had wet look gel. The whole gigantic tub of it in one go. As slick as Uncle Mick’s frying pan styled quiff.


This was me for the school disco 1994 in front of the English classroom, had to chop the young man stood next to me out, don’t think he’d appreciate being plastered on my blog. I had a terrible crush on him, of which he was totally oblivious but I was so chuffed when I got this photo. Sounds stalkery sad and depressing now. I’m wearing Heather Shimmer lipstick, as was every other girl in the world as well as the majority of a family sized can of firm hold mousse. Honestly if anybody had come near me with a naked flame I’d be toast.

Taking place in the gym or the hall all tables got shoved to one side against those huge hotter than hell radiators (painted shit brown if you were lucky). Girls one side, boys the other and the stench of Impulse, someone’s hastily pinched Dad’s Old Spice and BRUT met in the middle in an eau de nuclear bomb. Plastic drinks with straws and a 1000 E numbers, the blue one was the best. Climbing the walls and dancing like a tit flavour. More sweets than you could shake your rotten teeth at and crisps galore.

We danced – yeah we weren’t too cool for that back then – to anything you could make up a ridiculous dance routine for. Saturday Night, Macarena, The Timewarp, we knew them all. Even if you didn’t dance to anything else you squealed your way to the line up for these, I was usually the dozy sod who missed a move and ended up playing catch up for the rest of the song.


We beat a hasty retreat when the last slow song came on knowing we’d either be devastated that this week’s crush was dancing with that cow “perfect hair Mandy” or we’d get groped by someone we’d really rather not. We might even have got our first kiss much to the amusement of everyone elbowing, sniggering and “wooooo-ing” next to you. Who says romance is dead?

Sometimes when I’m writing blog posts I ask the other half about the subject in question to get his input, this post was no different but when I asked he was worse then useless. What the heck? Anyway after tweeting about it I actually got a sensible answer from the lovely young lady who blogs at For The Life Of Me.

So with the 90’s songs in mind how many of the songs these lyrics are from can you guess correctly?


Download a free printable version here. Can you get them all without bothering Google?

julie-x-2 (1)

4 thoughts on “The School Disco With A 90’s Lyrics Quiz

  1. 1 and 2 are easy…. The rest i havnt got a clue, except 8 whichI know but I dont know.
    In all fairness to me by 1994 I had left school and was getting ready to pop out child #1.

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  2. No. 1 easy Robbie Williams, don’t know the answers to any more, I loved a school disco, I once smooched with a teacher, that all the girls fancied ( don’t think that would be allowed now though) #mondaystumble@_karendennis

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