L.O.L Surprise! Confetti Pop

We’ve had fun opening L.O.L Surprise before but this time we got our grubby little mitts on a Series 3  L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop. With it’s 9 layers of fun surprises, it takes longer to open than most surprise or blind bag collectibles which adds to the suspense.


It comes in the usual ball shape and this time the packaging is a lovely sunshine yellow. At the top of the ball are displayed the kind of surprises you’ll find inside.



Within the layers and inside the ball you’ll find:

  • A secret message sticker
  • Collectible sticker sheet
  • Bottle charm
  • A pair of shoes
  • An outfit
  • An accessory
  • A ring tattoo
  • Confetti Pop
  • L.O.L. Surprise doll


These particular L.O.L Surprise are special because hidden under the last layer is this ribbon pull  which when pulled (hold it with the ribbon pull at the bottom) the top pops off and releases the pink and yellow confetti circles. The ball can then be twisted to find all the blind bags hidden within, the large one containing the doll and the smaller ones containing the accessories. If you want to, you can put the confetti back in and do it all over again!



This was the character we got from our L.O.L Surprise – from the Athletic Club it’s the lovely Touchdown. Complete with her contrasting black and gold accessories, she’s a cutie! She came with a bottle, pants, shoes and a dummy. The ball she comes with can also be used in several ways – as a purse, bath, dollstand or playset.

If you feed the doll with the water bottle you can find out if she cries, spits, tinkles. Or pop her in cold water to see if she colour changes! No spoilers here though!


As always there is a checklist to see which collectible you found for you to tick off and see which dolls you still need to find to finish your collection or find out which ones are rare or really hard to find. There are 35+ different dolls in this series 3 set to collect.

These are great for Birthdays, Christmas or just because! L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop are priced £10.99 RRP and are available from Argos, Asda, Smyths Toys Superstores, The Entertainer and Tesco.


*we were gifted the item for the purpose of this post however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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