Game For A Laugh With Ginger Fox #3

The weather has improved, you might have spent the day in the garden or gone to the caravan for the weekend. In the evening it’s nice to relax with or without the kids and play a boardgame.

We’ve reviewed Ginger Fox  family games before here and here  and really enjoyed them and this set of games didn’t disappoint either.

Pinch ‘N’ Pass

Battle with your opponents and the buzzer in this quick-thinking, fast-paced game of categories. How many famous actors, pizza toppings, or breeds of dog can you name under pressure? ‘Pinch’ and ‘pass’ category cards by being able to list more than your opponents to win at this great, grabby game. There’s a huge variety of category cards – something for everyone! The spinner decides which round you play: PINCH! PASS! or  HEAD-TO-HEAD. The random electronic timer creates tense gameplay – you never know who will be left with the card!



Included in the box is:

  • Gameboard
  • Spinner
  • 150 Pinch Cards
  • 150 Pass Cards
  • Buzzer
  • Head To Head Tokens
  • Counters
  • Gameplay instructions
  • IMG_6493IMG_6521

The spinner comes apart which makes easy storage of the game board.


Ginger-Fox-Pinc- n-Pass-Game

To begin each person gets a counter and a Head to Head token, one person spins the spinner and whoever it lands on is then ‘The Starter’ then the idea of the game is to spin the spinner and take a pinch or pass card depending on where the spinner lands.

If you land on Pinch, The Starter reads out a pinch card and counts to 5 and the other players decide whether to use their Head to Head token. If they do they have to shout out Head to Head before The Starter has finished counting. The token can only be used once and they go into a challenge against The Starter. If nobody uses their token then the Buzzer is pressed and everyone shouts out something related to the category on the card and pinches the card. Whoever still has the card when the Buzzer finishes wins the round and moves the number of spaces indicated when they span.

If you land on Pass The Starter reads out the Pass card – again the Head to Head tokens can be used – if not then the Starter presses the Buzzer and shouts out something in the category on the card and passes it to the next player. The player who has the card when the Buzzer finishes can move the correct number of spaces.

If you reach the ‘You’re Out’ space you’re disqualified and if you’re the first to reach the ‘Winner’ space then you win! Easy.

It sounds easy but when put on the spot in some of the categories you’ll be frantically thinking of something to shout out even though normally you’d know loads about it, some categories are easier than others and with all the different cards it means the game is different each time.

This game is good fun and competitive, it’s more fun with more players to pinch the cards from. I even made a simple version of it with just the cards and the Buzzer with the kids which they loved.

  • RRP £25
  • 3-6 Players
  • Age 12+

All Star Family Fortunes Card Game

Predict the survey results to win BIG in this card game based on one of the nation’s favourite TV game shows.

Our survey said …


Based on the popular TV gameshow that we all know and love the aim of this card game is to try and guess the top answers that would have been given by the 100 people asked.

Someone needs to be nominated as the host who will then ask the questions and the other players split into two teams (or play as individuals). Each team gives themselves a name as in the gameshow such as the ‘Davies Team’ – obviously you can use your own family name or make one up.


You play 3 Single Money Rounds, 2 Double Money Rounds and the the final Big Money Round.

Each team nominates a player to go first (or just yourself if there are only 3 players) and the Buzzer card in placed between the 2. The host takes a question card and asks it out loud, the first person to put their hand on the Buzzer then gives their answer.


If the answer given is the top answer on the card they can choose to play or pass or if the answer is on the card but not the top one then the other team get a chance to try and get the top answer and if their answer features higher then again they can choose to play or pass.

If you pass the other team answers or if you play each person on the team is asked in turn to give an answer they think will be on the card.


If a wrong answer is given then the Uh-Uhh! card is used. Sound effects optional! If 3 wrong answers are given then the other team gets the chance to steal by conferring and giving an answer.

In the Final Big Money Round one player from each team is nominated to answer questions. The host takes 5 question cards reads them out. The players then write down an answer. Once all 5 answers have been written down the host asks each player to read out their answers. If the answer is on the card the player wins the amount of points next to it the player with the most accrued points wins.


Some of the cards will have a ‘Spot Prize’ star next to an answer if one of the players gets this answer they can be awarded a spot prize.

Again we thought this game was really good fun and could play with players younger than 12 if you’re a bit choosy with the cards.

  • RRP £6.00
  • 3-11 Players
  • Age 12+

julie-x-2 (1)

*We were gifted the games for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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