Best Friends With BABY Born Sister

We are huge fans of Zapf Creation’s BABY Born and this time we are telling you about BABY Born Interactive Sister the perfect doll to be any little ones best friend! Being the older sister she has longer hair that can be brushed and styled with the accessories provided. She has flexible arms, legs & knees – she can even stand on her own! She has a more grown up style of bottle and can drink water and cry. She can also be bathed, all good fun for role playing games!

BABY Born Sister Doll comes with these accessories:

  • Bottle
  • Shoes
  • Hair bobbles
  • Hair brush
  • Hair slides
  • Matching bracelets

She is 43cm tall and the clothing is compatible with BABY Born so if you have both dolls they can have fun swapping their clothes around.

Gorgeous long eyelashes.

Clothes perfect for practising your gymnastics moves together.

Hands perfect for holding.

Feet perfect for tickling.

BABY Born Sister can join you for bathtime or even swimtime fun as long as you remember to close the screw cap on her back before popping her in the water.

Bendable knees mean she can be sat up, stood up, or pretend to climb trees as you can see in our video at the end.

The hole in her mouth means she can “drink” water which then allows her to cry. To allow her to drink water fill her bottle with fresh tap water and lightly squeeze the bottle.


These two have become firm friends, here’s a little video of the adventures they’ve had:


We think this doll is perfect for friendship and roleplay as she is light enough to be carried around or popped in a pushchair, her clothes swapped around and her hair brushed and styled, all things that are perfect for forming firm friendships.

  • Age 3+
  • RRP £49.99

julie-x-2 (1)

*we were gifted the item for the purpose of this post however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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