Ready 2 Robot Collectible Review

We love trying out new and different collectibles and blind bags so we were couldn’t wait to get into these new Ready2Robot Series 1 packs which are something a little different to the usual ones.

These capsules comprise of 5 Secret Chambers with 10+ layers of mystery to unbox for maximum fun. Once the plastic wrapping comes off the black robotic/spaceshippy themed capsule comes apart in 4 pieces to reveal the bling bags hidden inside. The parts can be reassembled later to be used as a character stand.

There are 7 different colored blind bags that contain the Bot parts that need to be assembled. Each part comes in a seperate bag which is great fun to see which bits you get.

There is:

  • 2 Arms
  • 2 Weapons
  • 2 Legs
  • 1 Cockpit


Hidden in the end is the slime canister which also contains the pilot for your robot. It just pops out and you can dig him out of the the gooey slime, there are different coloured slimes to collect too!

Once you have all the parts out you can click them together to make your mechbot, add your pilot and check the included checklist to see which character you got!

The slime can be reused and poured on your robot for even more slimy fun.

This particular character is called Kill Switch and there are 18 different characters to collect including the chance to get the Ultra Rare light up figure Half-Pipe.


  • Age 5+
  • Batteries are not required (apart from the light up one)
  • Mix and match the bots
  • RRP £9.99
  • Available from Smyths
  • Also available are Bot Blasters, Battle Packs and Slime/Pilot CanisterMultipacks

Who will you find?

julie-x-2 (1)

*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinion remain honest and my own*

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