Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit

The Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit is a kit containing a whole lot of smooshy, squishy fun. Instead of just opening a blind bag and finding a squishy character, with this kit you actually get to make it yourself!

Before you open the box you’ll need to find yourself 3 X AAA batteries. We hastily pinched ours out of the TV remote because we couldn’t wait to get started!

Inside the box you will find:

  • 1 instruction leaflet
  • 4 character stands
  • 3 colour pouches & 1 practice pouch
  • 1 squeeze tool
  • 4 surprise head pieces, 4 surprise faces, 4 surprise bellies in blind bags
  • 2 surprise character moulds inside mystery shells
  • 1 surprise maker

The 3 main colour pouches come wrapped with instructions around them. The practice pouch does not.

If you push the little heart shaped button at the front of the maker it will pop open to reveal the mystery shell already inside.

Pop your batteries in the back (you’re best to use matching ones not pinched from the remote ones like us)

The shell is held on by four pegs  as you can see here.

To start making your Smooshin you’ll need to get these things ready:

  • Your surprise maker
  • a colour pouch
  • squeeze tool
  • a timer set to 1 minute and 30 seconds


Pop the inner colour and you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to completely mix the colour pouch. You can squeeze it, use your fingers and palms, twist, swivel and swirl it but you need to make sure the colour has completely been mixed. This is a really fun bit as you’re against the clock.

Once your timer has gone off you then need to remove the bow cap from the bottom of the colour pouch , insert and lock the pouch into the top of the surprise maker by turning it clockwise. The bow will blink red 3 times.

Press the bow which is the start button, the bow will blink once in red then it will stay red and you will only have 30 seconds to squeeze the colour into the maker.


The top of the colour pouch can be inserted into the slit in the squeeze tool to allow you to squeeze the colour out – reminded me a bit of the keys you get on cans of corned beef!

Once rolled right down you can use your fingers to squeeze any last bits out within the 30 seconds. Leave the pouch where it is and the bow will fade in and out in blue while the Smooshin is growing and it will continue to do so for 4 hours. Once the 4 hours is up the bow will turn red and you can get ready for the next part!

Turn the colour pouch counter clockwise to remove it and pull, as you can see below some of the colour will be hardened so you might have to pull with a bit of force. Open the maker and remove the shell.

We decided to leave the shell like this overnight to make sure it would fully grow. It will come out much better if you do this! The shell can be opened with the squeeze tool by inserting it between the tabs at the side.

Once you’ve gone all the way round the shell it will reveal your Smooshin in it’s mould and some blind bags that contain face/belly/headpiece.

For the next part you need to remove the bow cap from the squeeze tool.  The end can then use this to turn the 3 keys on the mould.

Once the keys are done the hinges can be opened and pulled down.

Open the mould and pull out your Smooshin! Now I’ve always been honest with my readers so I will say that on this first occasion we had a bit of a fail. The head came out ok however the rest of the Smooshin was mostly missing. This is the reason the give you a practice pouch!

So what do you do when you fail? You have another go of course!

This time we chose a pink pouch, squished, squashed, pummeled and pulled it to mix the colour…

Popped it in the Surprise Maker – this time though once we’d put the colour in we gave the unit a little tap on the table to see if this would help the colour to drop down.

We were VERY excited to find that this time we had a fully grown Smooshin! Woohoo!

All that remains is to pop your Smooshin on the stand and customise it with the belly/face and headpiece accessory parts and this is what it looks like! How cute?!

  • Age 7+
  • Over 10,000 combinations of characters and accessories to collect
  • RRP £49.99
  • Smooshins is available from Smyths, and all good toy stores
  • For more information visit
  • Also available are assorted Character Moulds £14.99 and Colour Pouch Refills £9.99

We had so much fun trying these out! It is a little nerve wracking making sure you do it all right but that just adds to the fun!

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this post however all opinions remain honest and my own*

6 thoughts on “Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit

  1. We made a mess of our first one too – although we were superlucky and had an almost complete front half! The boys were ecstatic when they got a complete one second try. They are’nt bothered now they’ve made them though! 😀

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