SuperZings Series 2

We loved the 1st series of SuperZings and they’re back with a huge new 2nd series! Still keeping the Hero v’s Villain theme as in the 1st series and this time there are more than 80 new SuperZings to collect, 2 gold, 6 silver and 24 SuperCrystal characters and the mysterious Professor K replaces Enigma from Series 1!

One Pack 80p 

These single packs contain one SuperZing and a leaflet listing the characters.

Hideout £2.50 

Containing 1 SuperZing and 1 Hideout in each pack, there are 8 secret hideouts to collect and they can be good/bad you can tell them apart by the logo on the front. These are more rounded than the ones in Series 1. The door slides open to reveal your SuperZing inside.


These are some of the matching pairs we found in our blindbags, we loved finding  the new crystal characters.


The hideouts are brightly coloured and can be used to hide your SuperZings in while playing with them.


SuperJet £1.50 

Containing 1 SuperZing and 1 SuperJet. There are 4 different vehicles to collect, each one in two different colours you may get helicopter, motorbike, speedboat or a quad!

We were lucky to get 3 different ones and then Little Man was chuffed to get Cheese Champ (the pizza) in one of these too, it’s one he wanted to find!

Cyber Squad Collector Tin £6 

Containing 5 exclusive metal coloured SuperZings in a metal collector tin.

These characters are fab metallic coloured and range from a game controller to a VR Headset.

Blister 10 pack £10

Contains 10 SuperZings – one of which is a super rare gold and there are also 3 crystal ones included.

Comic Guide £5

This starter pack contains:

1 Comic-Guide
3 SuperZings
1 Metal Hideout
1 Metallic SuperBlaster + 3 SuperDiscs

Kaboom Race Playset £20

This set includes two exclusive SuperZings and their racing cars!! Heroic Raylight drives the fabulous Nitro Blaze and villainous Wheeliam, drives the fearsome Monster Crush. Load them onnto the launch pad, press the launch button and watch the racers zoom off! There are also fire barrels and a barrier to help you customise!

We were pleased to get the super rare super villain gold Pumpking and rare silver Rocketball, pictured here at the front. It’s always fun to find rare characters.

We did a little unboxing video of the goodies we received and if anything I think the children were even more excited by this series due to the Crystal characters, they really liked them.


Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

2 thoughts on “SuperZings Series 2

  1. Im waiting for Tesco to start doing them So when I do a weekly shop it will get added as a special surprise for my granddaughter. She’s moving in with me this week with me along with her mum. Bless them both x

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