Smiggle Squishies Series 2

Do your kids love squishies? Do your kids love Smiggle? Well then, Smiggle Squishies are a match made in heaven! Super soft and slow rising in lots of bright colours. My little ones are huge fans of squishies and are always going on about the latest ones so these were very exciting to receive! Collectibles are everything at the moment so collectible squishies are the bomb!

They come as individual sealed packs of 1 squishy and with 8 different characters to collect the 2nd series of Smiggle Squishies is sure to appeal. We were sent 3 different ones to see what we thought! Each is made of slow rise foam and has a different scent.

Spike Porcupineapple Pining for a squish? I’ll be the apple of your eye! A bright yellow pineapple/porcupine cross, with his cute teeth and green ‘hair’ he’s sure cute!

Adopted by Little Miss.

Paco Tacosaurus Taco ’bout the life of the party! I love to dance and squish! A hilarious dinosaur taco mash up the kids will love to squish this one sideways.

Adopted by Little Man.

Buster Soda Pup CAN I roll over? You bet! I can roll, sit and squish! The coolest dude of the bunch in his sunglasses, complete with poking out tongue, he’s a cheeky one!

Shared adoption by both kids…yes…you read that right. SHARED.

Paco Tacosaurus here showing off his instantly recognisable Smiggle branding.

Here’s the whole gang, just chilling out together. All characters available are:

  • Soda Pup
  • Fryger
  • Catpuccino
  • Strawbeary
  • Micecream
  • Tacosaurus
  • Porcupineapple
  • Kittycorn Cake

At £9 this does seem fair in comparison to others we’ve bought as I’ve found the cheaper they are the more likely they are to fall apart after a few squeezes leading to disappointed kids and nobody wants that. They’re robust and well made and can withstand a good squeezing and squashing.

Go on, give ’em a squeeze. You know you want to!

  • Age 6+
  • 8 different characters to collect
  • £9 each
  • Available at Smiggle stores and online

Julie x (2)

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