Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Review

*Contains gifted item. If you read our Poopsie Slime post you’ll know we had great fun with it so you can imagine how chuffed Little Miss was to discover she would get to try out the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn!

The Poopsie Surprise Unicorn comes in a large canister with the slime packets attached to the inside of the wrapper.

Inside the box

  • Poopsie Unicorn
  • Spoon
  • Toilet
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Measuring Cup

  • Blind Bags

  • Top
  • Nappy

  • Poopsie Keychain
  • Bottle with lid

  • 4 Packets of Unicorn Food
  • 2 Packets of Unicorn Magic
  • 4 Packets of Unicorn Shimmer
  • 1 Packet of Unicorn Sparkle

  • Brush

Little Miss was over the moon when she opened the box and found Oopsie Starlight – one of 4 characters to collect –  with her pastel coloured hair and gold glitter horn. She also features lot of cute ‘tattoos’ on the backs of her arms!

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Tattoos

Making slime

Starting with the toilet bowl which lifts out of the toilet you need to add 1 pack of Unicorn Shimmer.

Turn the dial on the back of the Unicorn’s back to the feeding position on the left until it clicks into place.

Feed the all the Shimmer to the Unicorn by inserting the spoon fully into her mouth and pressing it to the back of her throat.

Fill the measuring cup to the 5ml line and pour it into the toilet bowl.

Then feed this to your Unicorn as well.

Next, pop the toilet bowl back in the toilet. Then, take the lid off your bottle.

Add 1 packet of Unicorn Food to the bottle.

Fill your measuring cup with 25ml of water and pour this in too.

Put the lid back on the bottle and with one finger covering the hole in the straw at the top shake the bottle up and down for 1 minute. Insert the straw in the Unicorn’s mouth and squeeze the contents of the bottle in.

Turn the dial  right to the rocking position until it clicks into place.

Rock the Unicorn back and forth upside down like a cartwheel for 15 seconds and place her on the toilet.

Press the heart belly button and the Unicorn will poop!

Allow the slime to sit in the toilet bowl for 15-20 minutes.

While you’re waiting the Unicorn can be cleaned by using the bottle only filled with water to make the Unicorn poop again and then use the cleaning tool to clean the Unicorn’s mouth.

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Internal Container

The internal container can be removed by pressing the clips on the Unicorn’s back to release the door the press down on the compartment to pull it out and give it a clean.

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Internal Container

Once your slime is set, it’s on to the next stage. Add half a packet of Unicorn Magic to it.

Then add some Unicorn Sparkle.

And mix!

Remove the bottom of the keychain container and the slime can be popped inside!

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Poop Keychain Inside

We thoroughly enjoyed playing with this, we found it very easy to follow the instructions and made some great coloured slime! I’m sure this will be on many a Christmas list this year!

RRP (£49.99) and the link to the retailer – Smyths, The Entertainer and Argos

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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