Making Slime With Wilko Slime Solution

The first thing I’ll say here is that this post is not sponsored in any way, we spotted the Slime Solution in our local Wilko and thought we’d give it a go. The Slime Solution is a pre-mixed solution of the glue and dye so there is no need for seperate clear glue and colouring.

What we used

Wilko Slime Solution Wilko Glitter Tubes Elmers Magical Liquid

Pack of 4 Wilko Slime Solution

Pack of 6 Wilko glitter tubes 

Bottle of Elmer’s Magical Liquid

How we made it

For this we needed:

  • 1 bottle Slime Solution
  • 125ml water
  • 1 tube of glitter
  • 80ml Elmers Magical Liquid
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Measuring jug/cups

* You may want to use a table covering and aprons too.

To a bowl we added one whole bottle of Wilko Slime Solution in our chosen colours, in the video below you will see we used the yellow and blue versions. To the Slime Solution we added the 125ml of water and the chosen colour of glitter and gave it a thorough stir. We then added 80ml of Elmer’s Magical Liquid (you can adjust this to suit how you like your slime but this amount suited us).

Mix together (we used a spoon) and you will see the mixture start to thicken. We then tipped out the slime onto the table and kneaded it until it was the right consistency for them to comfortably play with.

This is how the 2 slimes looked, we put them both into plastic tubs so we could store them for future playing fun.

Slime made with Wilko Slime Solution

Here you can see the Picking Up Toys kids making their slime:



Do your kids enjoy making slime?

Julie x (2)

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