BoomBall Review

* Contains gifted items.

As a family we love to play games so when we were contacted by IMC to review a few of theirs we said an easy yes! Here we review BoomBall, you can also see our reviews for Truth Detector and Mystery Mao.

You may well have seen the advert on TV for BoomBall, I know I certainly have whilst the kids have been watching cartoons and thought it looked like fun.

The BoomBall game comes boxed and needs to be put together before you can play. Below are the parts to build the launcher.

Below are the head baskets and 12 balls to put inside the launcher.

The game requires 4 X AA batteries which are not included.


The yellow stand needs to be attached to the bottom of the launcher.

Next the two halves of the ball dispenser need to be clipped together.

The twirly piece fits inside the ball dispenser and the ring to keep it togther on the top before attaching this piece to the launcher.

Stickers are provided for you to decorate the launcher and also the instruction leaflet.

Once all the stickers are placed it’s away to go!

Place a basket on your head and lean it slightly back, the band is adjustable to fit all.

Place the launcher on a safe surface and allow plenty of space for the players to move around. The launcher can be adjusted with one of the 2 different sized raisers shoud you require.

And enjoy trying to catch as many balls as possible to win the game! This game is quite difficult to start with, it takes a while to get into the swing of it and start catching the balls so prepare for a few turns without catching anything! This is a fab game for getting the kids off their consoles and doing a bit of exercise without them even realising it becuase they’re busy jumping around and trying beat their sibling/cousin/Dad or whoever fancies a go!

  • Age 6+
  • 1 or more players
  • 4 X AA batteries required
  •  £26.99 available at Smyths Toys and Argos

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own.

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