Mystery Mao Review

*Contains gifted item

As a family we love to play games so when we were contacted by IMC to review a few of theirs we said an easy yes! Here we review Mystery Mao, you can also see our reviews for Truth Detector and  BoomBall.

Mystery Mao is part of the Club Petz series and isn’t any old boring cat, he’s an amazing bewitched mind reading cat would you believe!

As you can see, he’s a real cutie with his big blue eyes, grey fur and long whiskers.


He needs 4 X AA batteries but these are included and you need to push the switch across from ‘try me’ to ‘on’ for all his functions.

There are two modes of play – Normal and Bewitched. Mystery Mao comes with his very own wand to bewitch him with which you can do by touching the wand to the moon on top of his head (seen below).


Once you tapped it, say the bewiching spell:

IMC Mystery Mao Bewitching Spell

Finish by tapping the moon with the wand again. Once he is in bewitched mode his eyes will light up and he will speak! You can get him to play the guessing game by touching his ear and saying Animals, Sports or Clothes and he will ask you questions relating to the one you’ve chosen, you can then answer with – yes, no, I don’t know, repeat, go back, exit until he guesses correctly! To break the spell tap the moon on the top of his head again and use breaking spell above. The first time you play with him he will give you all the instructions on how to play which is useful!

IMC Mystery Mao Bewitched Eye Lit Up

He has a great bushy tail but be careful! In Normal mode he won’t like you playing with it or his ear! If you touch his head however he will relax. He purrs and miaows.

Like the moon on his head Mystery Mao comes with a cute little white moon adorning his collar.

My daughter has had great fun playing with him, not sure he was so pleased about being pushed around in a pram but i’m sure he’s loving sleeping on her bed at night!

  • 4 x AA  batteries required
  • Age 4+
  • RRP £49.99 available at Argos

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remian honest and my own.

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