Truth Detector Game Review

* Contains gifted items.

As a family we love to play games so when we were contacted by IMC to review a few of theirs we said an easy yes! Here we review Truth Detector, you can also see our reviews for BoomBall and Mystery Mao.

Truth Detector is a fun version of a lie detector, less Jeremy Kyle and more play fun style. It’s nice and easy to put together in a few steps.

Inside the box you’ll find all the parts ready for putting together and an instruction leaflet with the details for doing so and how to play the game. You need 3 X AA batteries to play which go in the back of the unit.

IMC Toys Truth Detector Battery Compartment

This is how the main unit comes before all the detailing is added.

The other parts just need to be detached from their plastic holder.

The cards also need to be popped out ready for play.

Adding ‘needles’ to look like a real polygraph.

Lightbulbs which will show the result of your answer in gameplay.

Then adding knobs and buttons to make it look even more like a real machine.

Last you add the headpiece by attaching the red pieces to the inside of the headband and then by the pipe to the machine itself.

Here you can also see a close up of the contacts that you put your fingers on when being asked a question.

There are cards which include (l-r) a joker card, 500 questions, life cards and blank cards for you to write your own questions.

To play you need to put the joker and question cards in the middle of the table and each player has a life card with the 2 life side facing up at first. The youngest player goes first at being the asker. Place the headset on the answerers head, they put two fingers on the silver contacts on the detector. The questioner then presses the big red button down and keeps it pressed while they ask the question then lets go. The answerer answers the question then removes their fingers from the contacts.

IMC Toys Truth Detector Lightbulbs

If the machine catches you out lying the siren sounds and the RED bulb flashes and you lose a life. If the AMBER light flashes it means you’re nervous and must answer again and GREEN means you’re telling the truth. If the joker card gets used the questioner can ask any question they choose. The winner is the player who still has lives left at the end.

We had brilliant fun playing with this game, it had us in fits of giggles. I was a bit naughty and didn’t tell the kids it was a toy so I got some very interesting answers, ha. I found out that 1 of them had fibbed about being poorly so they could have a day off school and 1 of them had broken something and blamed the other. Oh and apparently I pick my nose with my little finger!!

  • Age 8+ (although my 6 year played it fine)
  • 2 or more players
  • 3 X AA batteries required
  • RRP £29.99 available at Smyths Toys and Argos

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own.

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