PoundToy Review

*Contains gifted items.

PoundToy are a fab UK website where you can buy toys and games to suit all ages and tastes and cheap too. which of course is always the best bit! They stock lots of branded and character items and they currently have some amazing deals in their clearance sale.

We were asked by the lovely people at PoundToy if we would like to order £50 worth of items and of course we thought it was a great idea. As i have 2 younger children I told them they could choose £25 each but to choose wisely! As you’ll see below they ended up with lots!

Here you can see them opening the parcel and seeing the goodies!


What Little Man ordered

Little Man could hardly contain his excitement when he spotted this Lego alarm clock shaped like Emmett from the Lego Movie. He loves the film and has been hinting at wanting an alarm clock of his own so whilst this was one of the more expensive items we will get daily use from it so I was really pleased at his sensible choice. It has moveable legs, Emmett’s head pushes down to activate the snooze function and it even comes with batteries supplied!

This 12cm squishy banana is great fun to squash and squeeze, my kids love anything squishy or slimy so this keeps them amused for ages!

These stretchy yellow guys come as a pack of 6 and for little men you’ll be surprised at how far they can be pulled around!

I’ve never seen anything like this before, Make your own Snow was something that made the kids eyes light up, so much so they both wanted one of these! Any child who loves anything crafty, squidgy and hands on will like making this. All you need for this is the pack of crystals and the spoon supplied in the box and some water.

With a selection of white chocolate goodies, what’s not to like?

A pack of 10 washable markers in all the colours you need to create an awesome picture and neon too!

A pack of 6 Crayola markers in bright colours that always have some great scents too. They can be used to make thick or thin line to suit any project!

What Little Lady ordered

A box of 6 fun crackers adorned with characters from L.O.L Suprise. The crackers contain a bookmark, sticker sheet, activity book, colouring book, dot to dot book, word search book and party hat. Little Lady absolutely loves crackers and L.O.L Surprise so this was a dream for her!

As above.

You personalise your own mug with this cute little set! The insert comes out allowing you to colour it in to your hearts desire then pop it back in and away you go! For anyone who’s a unicorn lover it’s a treat.

This set comes with 8 paper sheets with L.O.L Surprise characters to be painted, 6 water colour paints and a paintbrush.

A party bag with heart pennant, 8 glow sticks, 7 connectors and a surprise gift bag. We actually had a little party and music wearing these, we had a great giggle.

A mini bag of cola bottles. Yum!

A ini bag of Haribo’s StarMix. Also yum!

As above.

Like the banana you can squueze and squash this ball to your hearts desire! Great as a stress ball too!

All you favourite emoticons here in temporary tattoos, peel off the paper and put the tattoo on the skin where you’d like it to be, dab with water and press for 30 seconds.

As the Emoji ones but Unicorns! Little Lady currently has a full sleeve of these and the emoji’s!!

A great family fun game,  just put squirty cream, jelly or slime on the arm and take it in turns to spin the spinner and see how many turns of the handles you need to make – each one taking you closer to getting the ‘Splatter Face’.

Duble pack of L.O.L branded toothbrushes. Can you tell my daughter loves L.O.L yet?

A fun bag containing a sticker sheet, 4 crayons, 12 colouring sheets and a surpise gift bag!

As you can see £50 really does go a long way and with delivery from £2.99 it’s even better! You could use PoundToy for so many different things – birthdays, Christmas, party bags or even for keeping a few emergency presents on hand for the birthday parties your little ones get invited to! We had great fun ordering and unboxing and the delivery was painless within 3 days.

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own.

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