Poopsie Sparkly Critters Review

*Contains gifted items.

We loved the original Poopsie Slime, Poopsie Puitton and Poopsie Unicorn. So you can guess that Little Lady couldn’t wait to get her hands on the brand new Poopsie Sparkly Critters. We received 2 different ones to open and see what we thought. This time they come in what looks like a can of soda pop.

Peeling round the outside will reveal the items underneath. The inside turns like a secret chamber for added fun.

In total inside you will find the below.

  • Sparkly Critter with Slime Powder inside and a pacifer in their mouth
  • Unicorn Magic and Unicorn Shimmer – some packs contain Ultra Rare Unicorn Sparkle!
  • Silly Soda Can
  • Unicorn Spoon
  • Slime Storage Bag
  • Instructions and collector leaflet

In one pack we got Chloe, part of the Disco Doo-Doo’s set and is a rare who comes with a Dr Pooper silly soda can. Snigger. We decided these were fun and wanted to make a video of how to make the slime, you can check this out here.

How to

It’s super easy to do. Use the silly soda can which is shaped like a plunger to suck up 20ml of water, we used the cup from one of the other Poopsie sets for this but you could use any cup or dish. Then take the Critter’s dummy out, insert the plunger into it’s mouth and empty out the water. Pop the dummy back in and shake the Critter for 1 minute to mix the slime inside.

Next you’ll need to check if there is a heart on the Critter’s bottom if there is one it will poop, if not it will spit. If it’s the poop version keep the dummy in, hold it over a plate and squeeze it’s head to get all the slime out. If it’s the spit version, take the dummy out and hold it’s face over the plate and the slime will come out of the hole in it’s mouth. Once the slime is out leave it for 15-20 mins to thicken. We definitely found it better at 20 mins.

Then add the Unicorn Magic and Unicorn Shimmer and fold it into the slime until its reached the desired effect, it can then be placed in the storage bag for safekeeping.


Each one comes with a storage bag which is great for keeping the slime once it’s been made and the Unicorn magic/ shimmer added to it. This was the slime we made with the Chloe set.

In the second one we got Flutter who is in the Early Bird Turdz set and is also a rare and comes with a Caca-Coola soda can. Double snigger. Below is the slime we made with her.

To clean the Critter by refilling the silly soda can with clean water, put the dummy in and shake. Then squeeze the head again to remove the water and slime residue.

  • 15+ Critters to find
  • RRP £14.99
  • Age 6+
  • Available from all good toy retailers including Smyths and The Entertainer

These are simpler than some of the other sets, very easy to use. As the slime goes onto a plate the mess is kept to a minimum however you could use a wipecloth tablecloth if you wish to, the fact that storage bags are included is a huge bonus! Overall we thought these were fab!

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Julie x (2)

*The items were gifted for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own.

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