L.O.L Surprise Games Night

*Contains gifted items.

As you probably know Little Lady loves L.O.L Surprise and when we were asked if we fancied a package of L.O.L things to have our own games night we thought it sounded like great fun! As you can see Little Lady was chuffed with what we found in the package.

We were sent:

  • L.O.L Surprise Fashion Factory Game
  • L.O.L Surprise Trading Cards
  • L.O.L Surprise Scratch Art
  • L.O.L Surprise Official Magazine
  • Whiteboard
  • Sweeties!

Scratch Art Set and Official Magazine

The scratch art set comes with 2 pictures to scratch and a wooden stylus to scratch the pictures with. Next pic has a spoiler so don’t look if you don’t want to see what’s under the black layer! These kept us amused for ages. There was something very satisfying about scraping them to reveal what’s underneath.

L.O.L Surprise Scratch Art

The magazine comes chock full of activities from nail art to craft, puzzles, colouring and competitions. Perfect for car journeys, holidays or just a rainy Saturday afternoon.

L.O.L Surprise Magazine

Trading Cards RRP £1.00

L.O.L Surprise Trading Cards

We were lucky enough to have already bought the trading card album ourselves a few weeks ago so it was great to have a load more cards to add to it.

Featuring lots of different L.O.L characters rare, fancy glittery and shiny and they even come with black and white versions on the back of some of the cards for you to colour in yourself making them extra fun! There’s also a matching pair card game on the back of cards 145-180 that’s 18 matching pairs to find.

Fashion Factory RRP £19.99 5+

The most exciting part of the parcel was this Fashion Factory game, the aim of the game is to be the quickest to build your doll completely before the time runs out! It’s a 2 player game.

L.O.L Surprise Fashion Factory

In the box you’ll find:

  • 1 Fashion Factory with Arch
  • 2 Eye Spy Lenses
  • 2 Tongs
  • 6 Mini L.O.L Surprise Balls
  • 16 Fashion Cards
  • 32 Transparent Fashion Cards
  • 16 Character Cards

The arch slots easily onto the factory belt itself by the two slots on top.

The game requires 4 X AA batteries which are not included and you will need a screwdriver to open the door at the bottom to put the batteries into the compartment.

L.O.L Surprise Fashion Factory Battery Compartment

The fashion cards and charcter cards come with 2 different colours on the back to make it easy for you to seperate them for each player. They just need to be pushed out of the cards.

Each player should be given 8 character cards, 8 fashion cards, 16 transparent fashion cards, 3 mini L.O.L Surprise balls, 1 tong and 1 Eye Spy Lens as shown below.

L.O.L Surprise Fashion Factory Fashion Cards

Each person should mix up the fashion and transparent fashion cards and put them face up in front on the them. The piles of character cards should be face down.

Use the tongs to place your mini ball on the fashion factory.

L.O.L Surprise Fashion Factory Tortoise Rabbit Buttons

Choose how quickly you want the belt to move – turtle for beginners and rabbits for experts! We started on turtle which actually seems pretty quick when you first start playing, until you get used to it.

Once you’ve put your mini ball on the belt and started it you pick up one of the character cards and look at it through the Eye Spy lens to see which one you have and try to match it using the fashion cards and transparent cards. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

The first to match 3 correctly is the winner! This had us in fits of giggles trying to find the cards we needed in time.

Of course we enjoyed the sweeties too – who wouldn’t? We had great evening of fun with all our items!

You can buy L.O.L Surprise is available to purchase at Smyths Toys, The Entertainer and other good toy retailers. More info is available at https://lolsurprise.mgae.com/.

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Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own.

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