How Online Communities Can Be Used To Combat The Loneliness Of Being A Stay At Home Parent

Todays post is a guest one written by the fab Jon from The Money Shed  enjoy!
So what are you doing once your maternity leave is up?

This is without doubt one of the biggest questions that will go round any parents head as soon as they have their child.  Maternity leave can develop into a ticking time bomb for a lot of parents and more often than not they just want to put at the back of their mind and forget for those first few weeks.

However once the paternity leave runs out and their partner returns to full time work a real sense of isolation can kick in. Times were when the only options for new mothers to find people in the same situation as themselves was the dreaded ‘new mums club’ they could attend at their local Church or village hall.

So how can the parent who does’t have one of these clubs or much family around them to support them feel a lot less lonely? These days with social media and the Internet in general being at the forefront of everything parents are able to get that same feeling and then some without having to leave the home!

Parents can be seen on Twitter asking questions about parenting styles and even sometimes health questions and they get instant feedback! There are websites and forums setup primarily help new parents and make them feel as through they are still a huge part of the community they live in.

My name is Jon and I actually run a community site which helps thousands of stay at home parents each yearThe Money Shed is the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning from home and a huge part of our user base is made up of parents who either don’t want to return back to work after their maternity leave has finished or a few years after having their kid are looking at ways of bringing in extra money from home but without having to lose out on time with their child.

When most people think about ‘earning from home’ they sadly think about either Multi Level Marketing companies such as Avon, Younique, Ann Summers etc. or worse still, low paying surveys sites offering you 50p for spending 30 minutes answering their questions. Well that’s not what TMS is about!

The Money Shed is there to hold their hands as they get to grips with earning DECENT money from home. This could be via doing website testing for the likes to uTest or even Web Search Evaluator work for Appen.

With over 145,000+ posts and a UK user base of over 7000 there is a huge community of people on there all helping and pushing each other on to earn the absolute most they can from it!

TMS has been around for over 5 years now and as time as gone on the number of stay at home parents who use the site has increased dramatically and people have struck up real friendships as the conversation has switched from money through to parenting.

This is all just another example of how beneficial the online world can be to new parents. Offering them the sense of feeling they are part of a community and not going through it all alone. That feeling of dread that comes over new parents when things start to go back to normal can really be avoided by joining up to some great online communities.

Mental health is another great example of a topic that has EXPLODED on social media over the last few years. There are twitter chats dedicated to the topic and websites galore with people posting openly about their experiences and how they approached various facets of their life to try and improve things for them.

All of this just shows the power of feeling connected! It shows that if we can’t do it physically for whatever reason then there are websites and people out there that can really help us feel much better!

Money Shed
Julie x (2)

19 thoughts on “How Online Communities Can Be Used To Combat The Loneliness Of Being A Stay At Home Parent

  1. Online communities are definitely a great way of getting support. I was in a Babycentre group when I had my first born and the support there was amazing both during pregnancy and for years after. I was in a really miserable marriage back then so having a support group was a lifeline. x

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  2. I think the website is a great resource for stay at home parents. It can be hard work not seeing another grown up all day every day.

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  3. I agree with all of this! I have found a great group of friends online, even flying down to visit some of them in the past. My local friends don’t have children yet so it’s been a funny few years finding my feet

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  4. Online communities can be a great way of connecting with people, although you should choose wisely as some just turn into a slating group if you are not careful. The Money Shed is a great resource though

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  5. Online communities are great and The Money Shed is a great resource to help people earn money around their lifestyle.

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  6. Online communities like this must be such a great resource for lonely new parents, wish I had of discovered them when I had my daughter as it was such a shock going from working full-time to being home alone with a baby all day

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  7. Not only did I have a newborn baby, but we moved across the country and I knew noone. However, I found Mumsnet and their Meet a Mum forum … we’ve moved again but I still have friends made back then. It was a lifeline

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  8. I think this is such a good post and such a good idea. I can imagine lots of stay at home parents get lonely and feel isolated so this is fab.

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  9. Online communities are fantastic, I have met a few amazing people through online mum forums after I had my son. And the cool thing is that most parents are awake at night, so you’re never alone 🙂 The key, though, is not to forget to connect with people in real life.
    PS I always appreciate Jon’s positive impact on parents and their finances!

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  10. Hello Julie, I am so happy not to be alone in my endeavour to be the best SAHP. I have 2 kids and have been raising them since they were born. 6 years along as a stay at home parent I have found that writing is what I meant to be doing so started a blog and along came the idea of helping the mentality on SAHP change. Forbes magazine has stated that a SAHP should at least get 100k + so it gave me the idea to do some research on the employability of SAHM, how to turn those daily tasks into proper ‘business’ language tasks. It will be really great to have your support, if you have a minute do you mind checking my latest post and giving me some feedback on the new ‘SAHM tasks’ I want to add to my CV? Thanks a mil x


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