Review | Poopsie Surprise Cutie Tooties

*Contains gifted items.

You know by now we are huge fans of slime and in particular Poopsie Surprise products and this time we are trying out Poopsie Surprise Cutie Tooties!

These sparkly poop shaped collectibles are hiding surprises inside! There is a Cutie Tootie character and some slime in each one and each one contains a different set.

On opening the resealable pack out first comes the collector leaflet, Little Lady had a quick glance but didn’t study it as she wanted to be completely surprised by what she found.

First she opened this purple glittery one..

You can snip the top off to open them if you like but Little Lady wanted to keep the Poopsie’s intact to play with later so she chose to use the pull tab on the bottom to open hers.

The Cutie Tootie character comes hidden in a plastic container surrounded by slime. There are 4 different slime versions:

  • Water
  • Crunch
  • Bouncy
  • Marshmallow

In this one we got a pink water slime which has a beautiful iridescent sheen to it like the other Poopsie slimes when you add the Unicorn Magic to it.

And the Cutie Tootie character in this one was… SPARK! Who is a Regular character from the Bougie Poops set and the slime had a pumpkin scent.

Onto the pink Poopsie…

Poopsie Surprise Cutie Tooties Pink Glitter Poopsie

This one had a purple water slime.

Poopsie Surprise Cutie Tooties Purple Water SlimePoopsie Surprise Cutie Tooties Boom and Purple Water Slime

And contained Regular BOOM from the Sky Blue Doos set.

Last but not least the orange Poopsie…

This one had a colour change bouncy slime in it with little shiny moon shapes. This one contained the Super Ultra Rare ASH (woohoo!!) from the Sky Blue Doos set and had a cinnamon scent.

You can see ASH here in the middle!

We loved having fun with these and they would great presents for the Poopsie fan in your life! The great part is the slime can also be kept in the resealable packs!

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own.

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