Review | BABY Born City RC Scooter

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You probably already know how much we love BABY Born products and have written several posts about them. This time we have the BABY Born RC Scooter to tell you about!

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Scooter
  • Remote Control
  • Stickers

One of the great things about this scooter is there is very little setting up to be done. The Although you will need to arm yourself with some AA and AAA batteries.

4 X AA for the scooter.

2 X AAA for the remote control.

The remote control is very simple to use and allows you to move the scooter forward/back/left/right and the indicators even flash depending on which way you turn.

BABY Born fits on it perfectly and her hands can be put in the straps on the handlebars.

BABY Born RC Scooter With BABY Born Doll

The sticker sheets can be used to decorate the scooter, as you can see here Little Lady added a BABY Born one to the front.

BABY Born RC Scooter With BABY Born Doll

As you can see BABY Born sits on it perfectly. There is a stabiliser on the bottom of the scooter to keep it from falling over and BABY Born stays upright and on it even when it’s moving.

It works brilliantly on flat surfaces but not on carpet (it’s not meant to but Little Miss just has to try these things anyway.) We had great fun playing with it and it’s also featured in our latest Youtube video:


  • Available from Amazon*, Argos, Smyths Toys and other good toy stockists.
  • Comes without a BABY Born doll which must be bought seperately
  • Age 3+

Julie x (2)

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