Review | Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit

*Disclosure – contains gifted items.

My kids love watching Youtube videos of escape rooms, people solving mysteries and finding clues so when we were offered the Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit for my 10 year old to review I was very excited. Mixing fun with science and learning it’s perfect to get them investigating and getting that brain working. We’ve talked about Thames & Kosmos before when we reviewed their fab slime kits so we were expecting great things- and we got them! We’re going to concentrate on a few items in the kit as to show you everything would take absolutely ages, there’s so much packed in.

What’s in the kit?

  1. Barrier Tape
  2. Prong Fastener x2
  3. Sticker Sheet
  4. Fingerprint stickers
  5. Fingerprint Powder (iron oxide)
  6. Invisible ink pen
  7. Plaster powder (gypsum)
  8. Wooden spatula x3
  9. Sheet of profile cards
  10. Plastic bag x5
  11. Magnifying glass
  12. Measuring tape
  13. Measuring cup
  14. Petri dish with lid
  15. Brush
  16. Forceps
  17. Screw top tube x2
  18. Screw top cannister x2
  19. Blue chalk
  20. Red chalk
  21. Die cut cardboard
  22. Ink pad
  23. Crime scene notepad
  24. Ultraviolet light

There is also a guide to how to use the items as well as loads of hints/tips and techniques.. As you can see they’ve packed everything you could possibly need to be a master detective!

This one couldn’t wait to get started and lo and behold there was a crime right outside!

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit Crime Scene

This funny haired monster had met it’s maker so Detective Adam got straight on the case by marking pieces of potential evidence with the numbered signs.

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit Barrier Tape

And then barricaded it off to avoid contamination or nosey people (sister’s) tampering.

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit Fingerprint Powder

Using the fingerprint powder and stickers Detective Adam was able to lift a suspicious fingerprint off the door.

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit Fingerprint StickersThames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit Fingerprint

And placed on the profile card ready for comparison.

Everyone’s a suspect, including me it seems! I had my fingerprints taken with the ink pad and put onto the fingerprint spaces on the back of the profile cards.

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit Magnifying Glass

Lucky for me, on closer examination, I was not the perpetrator!

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit Evidence Gathering

Detective Adam then went off to find more evidence of naughty people and popped anything unusual in the handy bags.


A footprint found in the mud was also spotted and this meant a mould could could be taken.  When mixing the plaster powder we covered Detective Adam’s mouth to make sure he didn’t breath the powder in.

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective Toolkit Plaster Powder

By mixing the plaster powder with water and stirring togther with the wooden spatula the mixture can then be poured into the footprint and left to  dry.

All your evidence, including a sketch of the crime scene can be kept on the crime scene report for you to sum up all your evidence and come to a conclusion about who it may have been.

What we thought

We absolutely loved it! There’s just so much to do, it’s great value too since it can be used time and time again. It’s was brilliant to read the enclosed booklet that explains a lot of the science behind it all, who does what and how. There are loads of other tips for things you can try too, so this kit can be used over and over again. The great thing about it having it’s own case is that it can be taken anywhere. Grandparents/friends/holidays the ideas are endless.

You can find Thames & Kosmos here:


*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own.

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