Diary Of The Summer Holidays Days 3 & 4


It’s stormy. Rudely awoken by the lightening flashing right into my eyelids. Like trying to sleep through a concert with a shit drummer. Kids slept through it of course, bet if I tried to open a chocolate wrapper they’d be up like a shot.

Greggs have reduced the size of their custard slices. How very dare they? They were my favourite in the whole wide world and Cwmbran. Now they’re looking very pathetic and you’d have to buy 3 to make it worth it. Not on Greggs. Not on at all.

Got home from work to a partner with a face like it had been smashed with a pan. I think the kids may have played up a little. Or a lot. Or he’s just a moody sod who needs to chill out. The kids haven’t been eating quite as much with it being so hot so when they said they were hungry they couldn’t decide what they wanted so we plumped for a freezer feast.

Plate of food alphabet shapes

I am not childish. No, not I.


Crap nights sleep again, this time I was awoken by JB’s horrendous snoring which sounds like walrus farts. Although this move turned out to be in my favour because the fan in the living room is better than the one in the bedroom which is more or less like a fairy learning to whistle. Got up for work, really couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair – I know I’m disgusting but too hot for that malarkey. Batiste’d it til I looked like Father Christmas. At least t smells nice. I used to use the brunette one but them I went and dyed my hair. Balls.

Work was this all day:

“Oh it’s lovely and cool in here!”

“Yes, we have air conditioning.”

“I’ll just stay in here all day! Haha!”

Groan. The hot topic of conversation at the moment is the weather, as usual but nobody is moaning around the rain now, except the moisture drops coming from that tall fella’s armpit reaching for the top shelf as you peruse the spaghetti hoops. A bit of sunshine does you good, makes you feel better and gives you a bit of a glow doesn’t it? The white bits are on show and you might have actually dug out a pair of shorts. You’ll either love it or hate it. Are you a vampire who hisses at the sight of of a blazing hot day or do you jump out of bed and into the light soaking up vitamin D like a sponge?

Personally I love it, I hate being cold it makes me a right moody bitch so when the sun comes out I can’t get enough of it. I’m stuck indoors 9-5 Weds-Fri so I don’t get to see an awful lot of it even though I’d like to. Don’t come at me with your moans of ‘it’s too hot’ because I’ll quite happily give up my wheely chair for you man the desk while I go and sunbathe outside Morrison’s. In my job you speak to all sorts of different people and it’s one thing that will always come up and it’s apparent that everyone is very vocal about it. Here are some I’ve heard so far this week.

“I like a bit of sunshine but this is just too much. I feel like I’m melting.”

“I sweat that much I’ve literally lost a stone. Look at me, I’m ringing wet.”

“I remember the Summer of 1976, there was no water anywhere and it was that hot you couldn’t even breathe, ask your Mum!”

“That blokes so tanned I swear he must have holidayed on the sun! His skin must be like bloody leather.”

“I’m fed up of this bloody hayfever, sneezing here, there and everywhere.”

And my personal favourite:

“That young lady’s shorts are being chewed by her bottom, that cannot be comfortable surely!”

How are you getting on in the heat? Love it or loathe it?Julie x (2)

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