Diary Of The Summer Holidays Days 6 & 7


We  have family to stay and just haven’t stopped for a minute. Went to Mamhilad Park Estate Car Show to have a look at all the classic cars, emergency service vehicles and your typical boy racer style cars, they put on a great show as well as having face painting, lots of food stalls and of course an icecream van. What is a day out without icecream when it’s this warm? I really wish I had aircon in my car, every journey is like riding in a giant George Foreman.

Here are just a few of the cars that attended, I won’t bore you with tons of them, although we took lots, these are a some of our favourites.

Mamhilad Park Estate Car Show DucattiMamhilad Park Estate Car Show MaterMamhilad Park Estate Car Show

On the way back we nipped into town where we took advantage of the Beach situated coveniently in the middle. With buckets and spades to play with, it’s all free of charge and a fantastic way of getting the kids to play on the beach without the drive or squishing yourself up to a million other people on the sand! There’s even facepainting available.

Cwmbran Centre Beach

A fun day was topped off with a barbecue, burgers, sausages and chicken galore. Bums were parked on seats, the lager was opened – not by the kids obviously – and we all drank and were merry.


Today I offered to take our visitors to a local car boot sale, something they hadn’t done before, it’s not something we do often however I thought it might be fun. We pulled up outside the place where the car boot sale is held and it seemed eerily quiet. I thought maybe I’d got my days/times mixed up but as we turned the corner there was 1 poor sod there set up. I felt awful for dragging everyone out early for nothing and felt like an arse, I was certainly the butt of all the jokes for the next few hours!

By way of some kind of apology/change of subject I decided we should go and have a nice breakfast somewhere as a family. 7 of us piled into the Harvester to eat and drink ourselves silly. While the boys plumped for massive cooked breakfast with everything you could imagine, myself and Little Lady picked the pancakes with fruit and syrup. The only thing that could have made it better would have been some beds for a Nana nap afterwards.

As much as the chaos and mess drives you mad with so many in the house and soooo many sodding dishes to do I missed them as soon as they’d left and Little Lady sobbed her heart out, she gets it from me, I used to cry just going home from my Nan’s on the weekend!

Julie x (2)

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