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*Disclosure contains gifted items and some of the links below are affiliate links meaning at no additional cost to you I will earn a small commission if you click through and purchase the item.

It’s summer, it’s the school holidays and it doesn’t take an awful lot for the kids to start moaning they’re bored. So what do you do when you want them to play outdoors and not on consoles or YouTube? Good old fashioned toys! That’s where HTI come in. We were sent a fabulous box of goodies to open and try out! Theres a video of them doing that further down this post!

What was in the box?

HTI Pocket Money ToysLoads of great stuff is the answer to that question!

There was:

HTI Pocket Money Toys Sticky Poop RRP £1.79 Slingshot Poop RRP £1.99 Stretchy Poop RRP £1.49

Sticky Poop RRP 3+  £1.79

Good for leaving somewhere as a trick on your Mum & Dad or just for playing with, it’s got a squishy insdie so can be played with as a stress ball kind of toy/

Slingshot Poop 3+ RRP £1.99

It’s a slingshot where you get to shoot a squidgy poo. What could be better eh? Fab for getting your Dad back for embarrasing you in front of your mates.

Stretchy Poop 3+  RRP £1.49

A great stretchy, squidgy and squashy poop. Thankfully doesn’t smell like poop. Good for sensory play.

HTI Pocket Money Toy Boules

Boules Set 3+ RRP £5.49

Reminds me of family holidays as a kid, this colourful boules set is just perfect for getting the kids outside. Whether it be in the garden, on the beach or outside the caravan. It’s fun for all the family.

HTI Pocket Money Toy Extendable Fishing Net

Extendable Fishing Net 3+ RRP £2.29

Fab for taking on holiday when you’re going rock pooling and catching small fish and crabs, this net features and extendable arm that reminds me of the fold down aerial on my cassette radio as a kid!

HTI Pocket Money Toy Squidgimals

Squidgimals 3+ RRP £5.49 (each)

These Squishimals are soft to touch and slow rising squidgy cuties.  Available in 8 styles, we got a sloth and unicorn. They also have a clip so they can be hung on bags etc.

HTI Pocket Money Toy Mega Skimmer

Hot Shots Juggling Diablo RRP £1.79

The Juggling Diablo is a classic that I actually haven’t seen anywhere for some time. Great for hand/eye coordination as well as for a giggle as you try to roll the diabolo back and fore on the string.

Hot Shots Mega Skimmer RRP £1.49

Again this is great for getting outdoors and running a bit of the boundless energy off. This skimmer comes in a selection of colours and can be played with by young and old.

Here you can see a video of the Picking Up Toys kids unboxing and playing with the items. We loved receiving this, everything in it can be played with over and over during the holidays and beyond.

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own.

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