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The second of our Asmodee Board Game Club Blogger games is Cortex Challenge, you can see the first here. This is a brain game that gets the white matter going  – it involves pitting yourself against your opponents to get the correct answer first!

Asmodee Cortex Challenge Game

In the box you’ll find:

  • Instruction leaflet
  • 10 Touch cards
  • 74 test cards
  • 6 Brain jigsaws

Asmodee Cortex Challenge Game

All packed neatly in a small box that doesn’t take up much room, so perfect for taking on holiday or to a friends house.

The really cool thing about this game are the touch cards that have raised bumps and textured faces for you to guess what they are as you can see here with this strawberry.

There are several different categories of card here you can see just a few of them. The catgories are:

  • Memory – try to remember items on the card.
  • Maze – which is the correct exit?
  • Colour – which word is written in it’s own colour
  • Coordination – touch the correct points with the correct finger
  • Duplicates – which of the pictures is shown twice?
  • Frequency – which occurs most?
  • Reasoning – which shape fits in the diagram?
  • Touch challenge – can you guess what it is?

To start the game pop the 10 touch cards on the table, let each player have a look and feel for aa few seconds then turn them over and put them in a pile face down. Shuffle the other cards and put those all in one pile face down in the middle of the table. The type of test is shown  by the picture on the back so you know which kind of challenge you’ll be doing when you turn the card over.

The youngest player starts the game by turning over the first card and all the players then try to work out the answer. When you think you know you need to put your hand over the card. If they get it right they keep the card and if they get it wrong they must put it back in the pile and miss a turn.

If you get two answers right with the same symbol on the card you get a piece of brain jigsaw. The winner is the first person to get all four of their brain jigsaw pieces.

This is a great family game and even though it’s 8+ but my 7 year old had a really good go. I think it will make a brilliant family game at Christmas when the family are round and spirits are high.

  • Two to six players
  • Age – 8 years and above
  • 15 minutes playing time
  • £12.99

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