I’m A BiBs2019 Finalist – A Thankyou

Yesterday it was pointed out to me by Angela of Adventures In Websterland that I had made the finals in the BiBs2019  – the Brilliance in Blogging awards run by Britmums in the Best Of Twitter category. You can vote for me here – if you’d like to. All you need to do is pop in your name & email address and make your votes, I’m in category 10.

To say I was flabberghasted is an understatement, I’ve been blogging since November 2014 and never been nominated before or even thought I would be. I’m not an amazing blogger, I have to admit I’m a bit lazy when it comes to writing posts. The ideas are in my head but sometimes, to be quite honest with you, I can’t be arsed to get the laptop out and do the writey bit.

With blogging inevitably comes social media. Back when I first started this here blog I’d share my posts out on FB/Twitter and barely get a like and it is hurtful when you think you’ve done a great job and no bugger wants to read it. Then I learned about algorithms and realised that half the time they weren’t being seen anyway so I didn’t stand a chance against people who’d already built their brand and had their loyal followers. I wanted to call it quits but my partner was the one who encouraged me not to give up. To write because I wanted to and it didn’t matter if it was read by 1 or a 100 people I should just do it for me. So I kept writing.

Facebook never really seemed to take off for me like it does for some, for whatever reason. I just couldn’t make it work and despite sharing things that made me cackle laughing I’d only ever get some pity likes. Then I focused on Twitter. Twitter was somewhere I’d never before attempted to interact, I didn’t understand it, I didn’t know anyone but I tried. Amongst the barely clothed women, the unclad male members and the many, many blog post links I found people whom I could chat with. People who understood my sense of humour and above all, people who would go on to be some of the best friends I’ve ever had. It seems ridiculous to say that, when in reality I’ve never been in the same room as most of them but on dark days when you just can’t see the light someone will reach out a hand and if you’re willing to take it it could be the best thing you’ve ever done. Some of these people are fellow bloggers, some of them like minded Mums or Dads and some who just follow me for the banter and do you know what? I love them all, my huge Twitter family.

There are some people in particular I spend a lot of time talking to and who are always there to laugh at my mistakes – of which I make many – my tweets about my kids – again of which I have many – and the many memes and ridculous pictures I love to share. Most people follow me there because I’m silly and lighthearted and where I can be myself without being judged.

I don’t know who nominated me in the first place but I’d like to thank you and to anyone who does go on to vote for me I’d also like to say a huge thankyou, whether I win or not it’s lovely to know that the jumble that comes out of my brain is appreciated by some and here’s to many more years of ridiculous tweets. Cheers.

Julie x (2)

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