Review | The Hangrees Series 1

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Poopy humour is all the range these days, whether you’re a lover or a hater these new The Hangrees characters are sure to raise a smile. Combining fun, recognisable characters with ever popular slime they’re going to be a huge hit with the kids.

We were sent an amazing The Hangrees related bundle of items, including real life versions of some of the hilarious ones that come with the characters including Diaritos, Poo-ringles Reek’s Pieces and a Booger King bag. They’d even thrown in a whoopee cushion for good measure.

The 3 characters that we were sent were:

  • Roplops
  • Cacacraft
  • Mutant Turds

Little Man has made a short video showing you the items and how to make the poop.

It’s super easy to do, in each The Hangrees pack you will find:

  • A character
  • Junk Food Container
  • Toilet (also use as measuring cup and storage pot
  • Slime Powder Pack
  • Slime Texture Pack

First you need to pour the slime powder and texture pack into the junk food container, inside the junk food container you will find a ball, this needs to stay inside. Next tightly close the lid and give it a good shake.

Then fill the toilet to the fill line with water, make sure your characters legs and in the standing position, open it’s mouth and pour the water inside. Add the contents of the junk food container and the shaker ball, close up tightly and shake for 1 minute.

Once done, hold the character directly over the toilet and lit the left leg first to get it into position then lift the right leg to release the slime. The slime will be slightly runny to begin will but will thicken if left for 15 minutes.

There are 20 to collect including an extra rare bronze 5 Night Of Farts character and an extra rare red chrome Splatter –  Maaan, all kids love finding a rare one don’t they?!

These were great fun to use and made us all giggle, I’m still a kid at heart so this kind of thing appeals to my sense of humour!

  • 8+ years
  • £9.99

Julie x (2)

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