Review | Pop Pop Hair Surprise

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New collectable on the block, Pop Pop Hair Surprise is a 3 in 1 unboxing fun combined with hair styling play.

These are bright and colourful surprise toys that contain a pet hair brush  that really brushes hair. The brush handle twists off to become a real spray bottle. Open up the brush compartment and it will reveal the pop pod hidden inside. The spray bottle needs to be filled with water and then used to spray the pop pod until the pod pops open, where you will find which pop roller and beautiful hair you have!

Next,  open the roller to reveal a pop hair pet, a cute collectable character with extra-long brush able hair in so many stunning colours and styles. Brush and style the pet’s hair, or use the hair band to put pop hair pets into your own hair.

Here Little Lady shows you how she opened hers:

Each surprise contains accessories such as hair elastics and clips to accessorise your pop pet. The pets can even be used as pencil toppers!

  • Age 3+
  • 25 to collect
  • RRP £10.00

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