Halloween With Feisty Pets Cranky Cathy

*Disclosure. Contains gifted items.

Halloween is nothing without witches and what’s a witch without her trusty black cat? Feisty Pets from Jazwares has the perfect companion – Cranky Cathy.

There are many different charcters to choose from alongside Cranky Cathy, such as Ali Cornball, Vivki Vicious and Sammy Suckerpunch, each a different animal but all hiding the same sneaky secret! The feature plushs are 10 inch in height and covered in a lovely soft plush fabric. Cranky Cathy’s paws are a Halloween themed orange and green.

These cutesie characters aren’t what they seem. Give the back of their head a squeeze and…

Argh! Wasn’t expecting that!

Cranky Cathy can show you a magical world of week old seafood, chicken livers and VHS tapes. She is known to local Garbage Collectors as “El Diablo”. Cathy’s favourite pastime is throwing non recyclables into the recycle bins. She enjoys company but don’t take any of her stuff. Rule of thumb – if it’s on the curb, it belongs to Cathy!


  • Kick The Can
  • Building Forts
  • Dogs named Bud


  • Bite-sized chocolate
  • Tabby Cats
  • Flashing yellow lights

Ali Cornball is a unicorn. Unicorns are sweet and pretty and cuddly. Aren’t they?

Oh, maybe not!

As well as the large 10 inch Feature Plush characters there are 4 in Feature Figures, like this one, Glenda Glitterpoop. Isn’t she delightful?


Available at Smyth’s Toys Argos and Amazon.

Julie x (2)

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