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*Disclosure. Contains gifted items

You may have seen our our previous OOKS post where we told you all about the story creation app. Well now there’s even more OOKS fun to enjoy! There are a range of new apps to download and with the children breaking up from school – now is the perfect time to give them a whirl!

Following the success of the STEM app OOKS: What’s that Rumbling?”, and in response to incredible consumer demand, Zulleon are delighted to announce the launch of a suite of 5 OOKS apps and a brand new OOKS animated short series, showcasing the wealth of characters and locations in the OOKiverse and further expanding their unique range of both personalized digital and real life play experiences.

There are 4 new apps to choose from, all are free to download and have optional in app purchases:

  • Colouring OOKS 
  • OOKS Rush
  • OOKS Match 3
  • OOKS Toybox

Colouring OOKS

Colouring OOKS is a free colouring book app for children of all ages. Colouring OOKS provides hours of fun and it’s so simple and easy to use, just pick your colouring pack, select the picture and let your imagination run wild. There are so many amazing colouring tools to choose from: pencil, marker, paintbrush, crayon and even Storystuff textures like pizza toppings, glitter and sprinkles!

Colouring packs 4 to choose from – 89p each


OOKLAF needs your help to find all the story stuff pieces so he can create more amazing OOKS. Race through each level and each time you find 3 StoryStuff pieces OOKLAF will use his magic and make another OOK.

Collect your OOKS and choose which one you want to play each level. But be careful and make sure to avoid (or SQUASH) the evil Baron Blots nasty Ink Blots. There are so many OOKS to collect and Critters to meet along the way.

Full version £1.99


OOKS Toybox

Skelet-OOK’s Critter Tower – Skelet-OOK is more than just bones, he has strength and power, let’s see how high you can build his Critter Tower.

Brainy-OOK’S Memory Game – Not all of these images are the same, find the matching pairs to win the game!

Disc-OOK’s Slider Puzzle – This game has Disc-OOK all in a fuddle, tap or slide the tiles to help her solve these puzzles.

OOKLAFS’ Word Search – Help OOKLAF find all the words, all his favourite StoryStuff. But don’t be surprised if you find it a little tough.

Delici-OOK’s Hidden Objects – Delici-OOK needs your help, this will test your vision, can you find all the Critters and objects that are hidden?

Baron Blot’s Tic Tac Toe – Defeat Baron Blot, your Inky Foe, by being the first to get 3 pieces in a row.

Full version £2.99



OOKS Match 3

Jump right into a magical world of colour in this stunning Match 3 OOKSOME adventure!  Touch and swipe to move 3 in a row as you relax and unwind in Groaning Oaks, dive into the Ocean of Whale Drool or even grab some candy treats in Dessert Desert! With over 100 levels to discover there are so many worlds to unlock.

Full version 99p

We tried out all the apps and we decided our favourites to play are Match 3 and Toybox – particularly the hidden objects game. In this one there are hidden objects within a pile of items such as toys and food items, you are given the items you need to find and a time to find them in. You can choose between Easy, Medium and Hard. I confess I had a go at this one several times. Great fun!


We were very lucky to also receive some Ooks merch to go with our apps which as you can see Little Lady was delighted with it. We had the OOKS Character Mug £8.99  and the OOKS Beanbag £84.99  just perfect for sitting in and watching Christmas movies with a cup of cocoa! WE aboslutely love the beanbag and use it all the time, as you can see it’s huge and much better than any other beanbag we’ve had before!

img_1046Julie x (2)


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