Review | Finnebrogue Artisan Naked Range – No Nitrites!

*Disclosure. Contains gifted items.

Have you heard of the Finnebrogue Artisan range of Naked bacon and ham? I must admit I hadn’t until they got in touch to see if I fancied trying out some of the products in their range.

We were sent:

There’s no getting away from the media and how some foods, chemicals and processes are particularly bad for us and as parents we want to make the right choices for our children which isn’t just about encouraging them to like fruit and vegetables but also healthier options in the way the foods are made. We all know processed foods aren’t good so if we have the option of purchasing foods that are made without the nasties that are still just as tasty then what’s not to love? Naked Bacon and Ham are the only nitrite-free products in the UK.

What are nitrites?

Nitrites are used as an additive in foods to stop the growth of bacteria, preserve it and enhance the flavour and colour however scientists have found that these nitrites are sources of N-nitroso compounds which are known carcinogens, thus we are eating chemicals that are  potentially causing cancer in our stomachs. Nitrites have also been linked to breast cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes and mental health problems – so do we want to keep eating these nasties in our favourite foods when there are alternatives available? I think not.

So what are the Naked range all about?

The Naked range have taken into account that we want healthy but we still want tasty and have worked around this to produce something great. They have made their ham, sausage and bacon products without nitrites but still ensuring their products taste fantastic using a unique blend of mediteranean fruit and spice extracts. They incredibly passionate about getting rid of this chemical from delicious meats like ham and bacon and are currently campaigning to have this change implemented in UK schools too.

Naked Ham

My children love ham, in a sandwich, a toastie, a salad, anything goes and they seem to prefer the honey roast version as it gives it that lovely touch of sweeteness, made with 86% pork (and it’s British) this is a perfect choice. The kids really enjoyed trying this and have asked for it in the future. We have tried both cheaper wafer thin and thicker in the past and they much prefer it sliced thicker like this and if it means it’s kinder to their bodies in the long run then it’s definitely worth the swap.

Naked bacon

A Sunday just isn’t a Sunday without bacon. Whether it’s in a butty or part of a hangover reducing fry up it’s a must have on plates up and down the country. As a child I preferred unsmoked bacon but as I’ve grown up (sort of) I’ve grown to love the saltiness of smoked bacon. We got to try both!

As you can see, this bacon is just lovely, I am really picky with my bacon and tend to look for one that doesn’t have an awful lot of fat on it and this was spot on.

When we cooked it we gave the children the unsmoked version and the smoked version to the adults.

You can see how well it cooks from the pictures, it went down a storm here, the smoked one had plenty of flavour without being so salty your mouth dries up with I’ve found with some bacons in the past.

Overall this is a switch we will be making as you’re not compromising on flavour in any way but you can be smug in the knowledge these products are much better for in the long term.

You can find Finnebrogue Artisan on:


You can buy their products in Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose among others.

Julie x (2)

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