Exante Diet Week 3

Week 3 done on my Exante journey and I’m really pleased with my results this week. Normally by this point I would have given up and had a biscuit but I haven’t strayed, I haven’t caved and I’m feeling extremely bloody proud of myself.

Thoughts this week

I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s posts, pictures and inspiration in the Exante Facebook Group it’s always nice to have like minded people to go on these journeys with and whilst I’m more of a watcher than a participant (not like that you filthy herbert!) it’s nice to know it’s there if I do need to ask questions etc. I’m not at the stage yet where anyone has noticed my weightloss but my trousers are at the stage where they’re too big but I can’t quite shoehorn my bum into the next size down, so if you see me at work with my trousers round my ankles – mind your business.

The only thing I refuse to give up is coffee and although I should really cut down on the milk in them with the results that I’m getting I’m not really all that bothered. I have cut down to skimmed milk at home but at work have semi skimmed and all I can say is nothing bad has happened. I’ve been trying out some other products in the range and this week I’ve been loving:

Exante Berry Yoghurt Muesli

Took me ages to get hold of this one, it’s very popular! It’s really lovely as a breakfast item or at anytime really, stir in some cold water and bam, done. Nicer if you can wait to chill it for 10 minutes.

Exante Lemon Bar

I love anything citrusy and this bar is sweet and zingy with a crispy top and yoghurt covered bottom. I find it easiest to have the bars at work as I can just pop them in my bag and have them on the go.

What I lost

This week I lost a whopping 4.4lb, I know it’s not really that whopping in the grand scheme of things but to me in my little weight loss bubble it’s huge. It’s really pushing me on knowing that I’m already 3 weeks in, I’m losing each week and I’m hoping by Christmas I’ll be much nearer my end goal. Every Christmas I’ve got dressed up to go out and then hated the resulting photographs. Why do other people always manage to photograph you looking like an Oompa Loompa wrapped in lard? Well this year I’m determined will be very different.

I started this diet with the intention of helping my hip pain and if I’m honest my hip pain has been at it’s worst ever in the last week or so but I think that may be down to running round a lot and the changeable weather, so we’ll see what happens when I shed a bit more.

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried Exante before? Join me next week to see how I go! If you decide to join up and order would you consider using my link? It won’t cost you anymore and it just means I could earn some credits towards my next purchase.


Julie x (2)

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